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  1. Bump. Finding an FC that can suit both my OOC criteria while fitting for my character IC is hard. ;-;
  2. Hello! I'm new to RPing on FFXIV and newly returned to the game after 3ish years. If there is any room in this linkshell, I'd love an invite. IGN: I'ason Tia Thanks.
  3. koukomo


    Hello, I may be interested in joining this, but I am not yet wholly done with my character. Is it possible to lurk and see what it's about or contact you in-game to chat about how my character may fit into things? I have info about myself/the beginnings of my character down there. ::points at signature:: Thank you for any info. :> ~Kou
  4. Let's try this again. I managed to get some more experience in the game. Any FCs that have housing plots?
  5. Hi, Kasi pointed me in the direction of this linkshell. I'm more or less a complete newbie and my character is still in the forge, so to speak, but what I have makes me interested in this LS. I'ason is a Seeker who started out in a family/tribe, but since they dissolved, he'd been more or less on his own. He'd depended on his older brother for a while, but then they parted ways. As useless as he is, he managed to scrape by - I would think at this point in his life, he may have either encountered or come in contact with other wandering/nomadic people in the past - probably got his foo
  6. Wow, thanks very much for the info! I've definitely got places to start now.
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes and advice! I'll keep an eye out - currently being overwhelmed by the game and the preparations I need to make to try and break into RPing. I have had shockingly positive experiences so far just re-learning PvE. Maybe it's just my overexposure to the F2P or B2P games, or maybe it's because my suspicion that RP servers are more friendly in general, but after not knowing wtf I was doing bumbling through some Duties/Guildhests, I haven't had anyone yell at me or cuss me out in PMs yet. In fact, after I did something that resulted in a near-party-wipe
  8. I'm not sure how successful this will be, but I thought I'd try. More info about me as an RPer in that link down in my signature there. ::points:: Since it's been several generations since I've last played this game (and I didn't do it thinking I'd RP), I am also in the process of trying to shift classes, earn money, learn what the heck to do with all the thousands of different kinds of items/equips/crafting mats, and, most importantly, learn how to acquire cosmetic stuff to actually dress/accessorize my character the way I want. Also, I'm working on that wiki character page thing - a lit
  9. I. Basic Info Characters: I'ason Tia Primary character: I'ason Tia Linkshells: -- Primary RP linkshell: None. I have an FC with whom I RP more macro-adventure stuff - Ardent Lotus. [*] II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I don't know what this means. I'm a casual player (in my 30s with a full time job) and I'm not always IC, as I like to enjoy PvE stuff when my brain isn't functional enough after work to think about complex stuff like RP. When I am IC, though, I don't do all that taboo stuff like godmodding or shitting on the lore or ble
  10. Thank you very much, everyone. I've decided to cough up the cash to transfer to Balmung. Spent the last hour or so giving myself a headache trying to remember just how to navigate, do quests, and fight, haha. I think after getting a 50 Monk, I was aiming for a Paladin, then Bard, going by the classes I had levels in.. I think I'll go search for a.. LS/FC or whatnot. Thanks again!
  11. Thank you! Yes, I believe so (now that I finally found out where on my account I can see my character info). It looks like I'd either started to create or created a character on Balmung, too, but my Mi'qote was the one I played to max level. I guess I'll just have to see about a transfer if I feel good enough about this game! Sounds like I should look for Ultros RP guilds starting out?
  12. Hello! OOC handle's Kou. I played FF14:ARR for the free month close to when it relaunched as ARR in.. 2013?, but then stopped because I was fiercely anti-sub. Been seriously thinking about subscribing, though, because I've learned that I spend way too much on the free-to-play games' cash shops. So why the sudden urge to come back? I've had the hankering before, but SQUENIX's account retrieval kicked my ass when I upgraded phones and lost the token thing. This time, though, I have come out victorious and got my account back! In the interim, I've played a bunch of other MMOs: Guild War
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