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  1. Changed display name from Gehrir Ett to Parzival Baur. In the process of transitioning to a new main. I'm making him on Malboro for the time being. Gonna make some solid connections first before deciding whether or not to glamour and rename one of my Balmung toons!

  2. First time checking out the new site. Looks really nice. Might poke around a bit more now that I've resubbed for the time being. I'm moving at the end of the month so my availability will be sparse. Hit me up regardless, and as always, I am on Discord.

  3. Hey, there buddy. Welcome back to the game! I am looking for pals for my Keeper of the Moon and I thought to reach out! Here are a few quickie notes: ICly, Gehr'ir and the FC I've been piggy-back riding on just arrived in Kugane, but I still want to do RPs in Eorzea to meet new people, since that's where most of my RP takes place with him. I am consistently available between 11:30pm and 4am EST. On my days off, I have a much earlier availability. Gehr'ir is nomadic and travels the land with nothing but the rucksack and the clothes on his back. He is often on his own, but it is not uncommon for a friend to be close by either. I recently jumped on the witch bandwagon but Gehri'r is still incredibly green with his family's tribal magics. He meditates often, and his source of power is faith-based. It is something he generally practices in solitude, however. [align=center]:chocobo: [/align] Gehr'ir likes to be friendly with people's chocobos when he thinks no one is looking, so that's something he could get caught doing! Hearing of his dreams to be a Knight would help inspire him and his own dreams too, and they could share some stories around a campfire. Gehr'ir is a great friend to have if you're someone who doesn't spend too much time in cities (he has a hard time fitting in with urban culture), but his knowledge of the wilderness and skills in survival are top notch. I bet Arjin could even learn a thing or two! If you would like to learn more, I have an RPC and a Tumblr page as well. I will try adding you in-game when I get home tonight after work. Have a wonderful day, pal.
  4. Going through the wiki is a great idea. Why didn't I think of that.
  5. I had a similar discussion in voice chat today. Although I haven't felt it personally in my rp, I do see how Balmung could be in a pickle. Balmung isn't gaining anyone new- no new people, no fresh ideas- and is only losing those who are tired of the stagnation. That said, Balmung is my home, and I will stay here with the hope that someday server transfers will open back up. There are still plenty of people to find on this server, who you can have awesome roleplay with, but we'll just have to dig a little bit harder to find them. I tend to stick to RP with my own circles of late (though I would like to branch out and do more random RP), but I just haven't had the time. So, for now, I remain content. I do hope something can be done about our situation soon, rather than having all our roleplayers feel the need they have to start over elsewhere. But perhaps nothing can be done. We shall see.
  6. Seconded. Quicksand RP never really fit with my character, so I'm really glad I found this. What is this 'Quicksand'. I don't understand.
  7. My character can certainly empathize with the 'keeping sane' bit! I will PM you a list of names you can contact in-game. Alternatively, you may pop into the discord when you are in-game and see who may be online to throw you an invite! We look forward to meeting you! :cactuar:
  8. Hey, anytime man. And thanks! I will certainly appreciate the chat and recommendations. :thumbsup: Talk to you later, friend!
  9. Omg. You're a scrublord even! Perfect. You and your friends are welcome to join on whatever characters they like, and I would enjoy meeting them! I will be available most of the day and I am about to log in now! I had browsed your making connections thread months ago, tbh. (I am looking for a mentor for Gehr'ir in thaumaturgy.) I figured our schedules would be too far offset to do anything consistently so I didn't message you. If you are interested/looking for students I am still interested in that!
  10. [align=center]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57857922/XIV/shroudlifedraft2title.png[/img][/align]
  11. I feel for Kiht. My character would be loathe to walk that line, though. He knows who he is and where his heart belongs. Which means he rarely sticks around for city rp, even if I would like him to! As for time, I am not worried about tha at all! If you would like to be in the linkshell, regardless your participation or availablity, you are more than welcome. I am not going to police activity. We've got 150 something slots and that's more than enough space to hoard you guys. You may, of course, leave and rejoin whenever you like. That goes for everyone. It's very open! Do wat works best for you. Gehr'ir can be found most often in the Twelveswood, though I can make up reasons for him to be in Thanalan and La Noscea as well. Let's see where we go! I'll be free tonight and tomorrow morning /afternoon!
  12. Hey there, Flynt. Ithink I've seen you around Uldah! I won't be online until later tonight - after 9pm CST. So about 7 hours from now. I'll drop a note in our discord so if one of the other nerdlords are available before me, they can throw you an invite to the LS.
  13. This is a passion for me, so if I'm not try-harding, I'm doing it wrong. Snrk. I can definitely see this happening though, so I will try to catch you online tonight! Alternatively to in-game, you can contact me on Discord: Samfret#1204 The Shroud Life Discord channel can be accessed with this link: https://discord.gg/3F2N8 Hope to see you there! There are a handful of others in the group at current, and any one of them can add you to the LS in-game if I do not find you first! [align=center]https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57857922/XIV/GIF/blowkiss02.gif[/img] [/align]
  14. You can still join the LS even if you do not use him much. When you ARE on him, we'll just have some GREAT RP, yeah? You'll have all of us to poke and bug for shenanigans. I am not worried about taking up slots. We got 128 of them and I don't think we're going to fill them all up. Haha. Just shoot me a message if you're on and I can add you, no problem! He sounds amazing and I'd like to meet him! We can exchange dad jokes and squabble over the ladyfolk. So long as you enjoy wilderness RP, I think there is something you can certainly offer! We could craft a scenario that makes sense for your character and I can fit Gehir'ir into it. He spends the most time in Twelveswood, followed by Thanalan, and La Noscea and HS zones the least. If there is a will, there is a way, and if you want in, we can certainly make it work!
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