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  1. I'm new to FFXIV but not new to roleplay, I've got a couple friends on here but I'd like to make some more, based in AUS so anyone working around that time would be awesome!! Wy'thun Tia is a coin motivated aspiring blacksmith, after leaving his tribe because he was tired of hunting all day, Thun made his way to Ul'dah, joined the gladiators guild and made some friends. After it was suggested to him that blacksmith's seem to make a fair bit of coin, Thun decided it would be worthwhile to learn the trade. That's sort of where the stories' at, Wy'thun is hearty, young, fun and approachable, message me on here, or in game if you're keen!!
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    That's real generous!! Can I pm you?
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    Somewhat daunted Australian here, but ready to jump back in to rping! After playing several other mmorpgs and finding nothing I enjoyed, I ended up giving ffxiv a go and am loving it! currently on omega but looking at throwing a character on balmung maaaybe mateus??, as I'm not entirely sure about the roleplay community in ff or how you guys work ^^", opinions (not arguements) on which server would be greatly appreciated!!
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