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  1. Verdant Field's fighting style has always capitalized very heavily on her size and strength. Being 8'2", she's tall and muscular even for a Roegadyn, and that means that sharp movements are comparatively costly for her to make. It's more energy-efficient for her to go for power blows, seeking to crush her enemy with sheer force rather than trying to get fancy with it. She prefers to fight with an axe, as the long handle provides excellent leverage for her physical power, but she knows how to use a sword and shield in a pinch. She has had very little formal training, and thus her attacks a
  2. I am not new to roleplay in general, but this is the first Final Fantasy game I have ever played, and I have made quite a grievous mistake with my main character. When I first designed this character, I envisioned him as someone who was polite but honest, unafraid to speak his opinions on subjects with tact and grace, and was the sort of man who could pick up a variety of different skills without mastering any of them, sort of able to change his combat style as the situation demanded without overshadowing anyone with large amounts of time and dedication to a particular skill. His Echo pow
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