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  1. There is a place in hell for me, and it is the throne.
  2. I got to go out with my mom for lunch at this nice little restaurant, ran errands, and was generally pain free most of the day. RNG was exceptionally good and, a few refined mats aside, I HQ'd all of the stuff I wanted to HQ, even when there was a hiccup in one of my synths at it was at 20% quality. >x>;; So all around, a pretty good day.
  3. Another commission, for the fantastic Edvyn!
  4. There is something about how your art flows that I really, -really- love. ♥♥♥ It rather reminds me of a lot of how animators sketch out their work. You can just feel the movement, you know?
  5. Thanks again for the kind comments. Sadly, no new art today, but commissions have officially opened. They're only sketch portraits for now, but more will become available in the future as time allows. All of the information is in the second half of the first post. Thank you all for the support, you folks are fantastic! ♥♥♥
  6. Did some more things. Just more art of my character and some FC mates.
  7. Your style is really cute. * v *) Really digging that thug Madoka one, too. Your attention to detail, most especially on that demon's robe of casting, is excellent.
  8. Everyone's offered very sound advice. If you want to avoid crafting to earn steady gil and don't mind putting in some time, gathering materials for the crafters to use is a good shot. Things that are used a lot (such as alumen, silver ore, or if you'd like to farm stuff with a combat class, skins/fleece) are a sure bet. Spiritbonding is also a good alternative, however there is a lot of RNG involved (the best money makers are grade IV's, and getting them is not guaranteed). Whatever you do, just know that you will have to put some time and effort into it. Dedicated a set amount of tim
  9. You folks flatter me too much. Anyhow, here's a little sketch of a lala. I promised a cute potato girl. o/
  10. Lalafells are actually really fun to draw (super easy compared to some other races, though that may be a personal preference thing). If I weren't such a lazy bum, I'd contribute more lala art. I'll keep it in mind the next time I doodle, though. *is one of those who shamelessly keeps drawing miqo'te* >v> As a general note, it would be nice to see more stuff of other races, particularly Highlanders/Roegadyn.
  11. I'm very interested in joining, if you're still accepting new folks into your LS. My work schedule usually has me up really late at night, and the folks in my FC usually start going to bed by the time I get home. Feel free to shoot Oriel Durand an invite at your leisure.
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