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  1. Cynelers Speaking Voice would be Johnny Yong Bosch while his Singing vocie would be DXLwNMOrX8A Neil Patrick Harris : Aka the Music Meister
  2. after seeing the trailer i noticed Yugiri Spoke so SE did a recast for her.
  3. Cyneler Fenrir Steel Gym his 3 Pokemon would be Magnizone and Agron while Aegislash would be his signature Pokemon The Gym would be much like the inside of a royal castle with trainers looking like knights. While his fight theme would be this VF6wjw-85Zk
  4. i would send you a recruitment code but i would have to PM it to you.
  5. Well if you want to interact with other Paladin i can point you to this LS http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=8333
  6. Strange the pugilist girl from the teaser reminded me of Yangs Daughter from FF4 the after years Ursula.
  7. What server is it on: Balmung Housing Area: goblet Ward: 3 subdivision Owner's Name/Who to contact: Cyneler fenrir Title if it has one: Casa Fenrir What the purpose is: Living quarters for Ser Cyneler Fenrir When is it open: When others are invited.
  8. Well i was able to snag an goblet apartment without any trouble yesterday.
  9. With Cyneler being a Knight his Pokemon would be Aegislash.
  10. I'm mixed on the Apartment thing at one part im glad the other part i may not get an apartment in time when it launches
  11. Well I am seeking a student for a PLD/Knight PM me if you're interested for lessons.
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