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  1. If you be needing an unnecessary dose of final fantasy i will be starting a massive playthrough of numbers 1-15 (excluding 11 and 14) today 07/01/17. When I will complete the feat? I do not know but it will be quite the journey filled with all the emotions of an academy award movie
  2. So I was one of the chosen ones, currently level 63 having zones all to myself
  3. Hello everyone this will just be a quick PSA to make sure you all enjoy the game thoroughly on release and not get spoiled. 1)Turn off shout/yell chat (Possibly whispers as well) 2)Unless you trust the individuals capability to keep to themselves turn off LS/FC chat 3)DO NOT LOOK AT PARTY FINDER AT RELEASE 4)Stay out of discord channels unless you trust those in it 5)Stay away from forums/reddit in general 6) Big tip right here so keep note, If you search ff14 videos often on your youtube account I suggest signing out of it until you are ready since your recommend
  4. Somwhere in the shroud With a bit of caution a man taps his linkpearl and speaks into it. "This is asset Crow, verification number 6613 utilizing emergency frequency. If there is anyone listening your honest working mercenary is well alive and severely lacking payment for all my hard work, I am unable to get into contact with empire soldiers on this side of the wall. Requesting a means to get beyond the wall and link up with command to get back to work and make good on my contract." He ends the transmission, he has sent multiple transmissions but to no avail, he is hoping some
  5. Its about 3.56 it had to be brought back to life for this moment
  6. I'll be playing Nier Automata in my streams until completion followed by horizon. My first session of Nier is up on YouTube already it's a hefty 5 hours so if you need something to watch at work today give it a gander https://youtu.be/89LBrLBgGXk Will be streaming at around 6pm eastern today
  7. ((Spoiler tag cause of some reference to events in 3.5 so far))
  8. Idk about anyone else but we knew going in a primal was going to be summoned and it was gonna be strong but for me personally considering all the primals we did take down I underestimated the gravity of the situation until answers started playing in the background during the summoning. When that shit started playing I actually got pretty concerned that this was not gonna be a simple thing to deal with .
  9. ((Usually these stories will be related to things I have done in game or will be building up to.)) -Reporting to Baelsar's wall- Crow finally makes it to the gates of Baelsar's wall while avoiding serpent sentries. His wounds from his job did not make the journey a pleasant one but the eventual payout will make it worth while. As he approaches the gates, Empire guards immediately surround him and begin to threaten him "Look what we have here everyone, it seems we have someone who wants to try and play hero. You do know where you are right? no amount of armor or weapo
  10. -Final Update- I was a liar that last post give a poke to Andras Astora if you want to join last minute, there will be a window for people both garlean and mhigans alike to join during the event but that has to take place before 8pm est after that the good ole padlock is going on. I got a scenario for both sides as to why they arrived after some of the stuff has gone down so again give me the poke and off to bloodshed >;D.
  11. -Update- The day has been decided, the event will be held Friday 7-11pm EST time. If you happen to want to join last minute but my character is not online message me here or post before 6pm EST tomorrow as after that I will be setting everyone up and may not have time to check back here once that is underway.
  12. -Update and Response- @Evaleigh awesome I will be on the look out for it, and i guess unsurprisingly enough the garlean side seems to be panning out , a bit more on the other side and I think we will be good to go people. As for the day there will be an update on that tomorrow night as I need to see where most people will be on availability however I think it may lean more towards Friday since with Saturday there is room for things to happen well before the event to keep people from participating but again tomorrow there should be a concrete day. Thanks for those who joined up and looking
  13. -Bump and response- I have updated some info regarding times and TK I will grab ya in game when i can
  14. Hello everyone I have been thinking up something for quite some time and with 3.5 coming up I believe it will provide some nice character development for some and or provide the extra push your character may have been looking for to get involved with the resistance. Basically yours truly has been under contract by the garleans to sabotage the Ala Mhigan resistance a job if i might add he is doing with moderate success overall. He has attended some of the resistance meetings and through an alias has spread faulty information and sold weapons to them. Now with those in place various resist
  15. Gonna try to stay as non spoiler and speculative, I believe they are trying to summon a primal but for the purpose of testing and or attracting a greater power. What's this ordeal that everyone is talking about where their character's might not survive? Is it the same thing? I think the ordeal is referring to the assault on the wall in general and not indicating an underlying threat since they may not know about it.
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