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A morally grey free company dedicated to protecting the world from darkness, the Council endeavors in creating a flowing, intricate, organic roleplay experience focused on long-term storytelling and character growth. Devised of three individual sub-groups, we have a place for just about any character archetype that fits the ideologies of the Council and the Path that its members walk. See our URL for more information and links or to message leadership with any questions!





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventure, Relic Hunting and Research, Mentors and Students, Crafters and Gatherers


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  2. Members that are currently active in the guild.
  3. Vilekin, it had to be Vilekin. Vilekin have been more aggressive in The Fringes evidently and attempts by the Resistance stationed at Castellum McBigbridge Castellum Velodyna have been met with a few of those men and women not coming back. Perhaps it's time for fire, and lots of it.
  4. It seems that the demon I've named 'The Puppeteer' is out and about snatching up more victims. My ears have been flooded with these rumors and it's seems he's taken his show on the road, causing disturbances across the shroud. By disturbances, I mean abductions and what can be described as shows of horror... that can't be good. Sadly, any attempts by the wailers to chase down this fiend have been met with failure (to no one's surprise) and a few more performers in his 'show'. Let's end this before he get's an encore.
  5. Hey maybe a few of you diplomatic fucks can ask a sylph if they can slow down me and nio turning into gods damned trees or something?! Sorry. My bark is worse than my bite, promise.
  6. They've gathered the intel, they've got the man, the place and the time, now for the action! Aurhi, Liliva, Zereth and Nio have gathered intel that Zhen's bail was posted not out of altruism but rather something much more nefarious. We must put a stop to this before we lose Zhen for a much longer time than 2 years.
  7. Mission Description: Hey so you know those fancy packs they make in ishgard for those guns? They won't just give them to me. That's okay though because turns out the kind of stuff we need is over their pay grade anyway. So I hear tell of a stuck garlean flagship, big ol thing, in a sky island somewhere. Probably unimportant. Either way we're going to use the aetherial compressors they aren't. I'm sure they're easy to hook up, right?
  8. Cira requires further help with a curious book. She also requests that those present are proven enough to trust.
  9. Zereth runs a static, I believe it is full of members but if you are interested in joining ask him.
  10. The doors will be opening soon for new members. There will be some changes being made, so that is something to look forward to in the future.
  11. Maps are usually done on Wednesdays.
  12. Is currently not taking on new members but it never hurts to try.
  13. We are currently opening up our recruitment! There are limited number of spots available, so hurry to put those apps in!
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