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About This Club

A morally grey free company dedicated to protecting the world from darkness, the Council endeavors in creating a flowing, intricate, organic roleplay experience focused on long-term storytelling and character growth. Devised of three individual sub-groups, we have a place for just about any character archetype that fits the ideologies of the Council and the Path that its members walk. See our URL for more information and links or to message leadership with any questions!





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventure, Relic Hunting and Research, Mentors and Students, Crafters and Gatherers


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Kittenfish

    Opening a Can of Worms

    After the meeting this week we'll be taking care of something rather important. TBA at the meeting.
  3. Kittenfish

    Zereth Awanda

  4. Kittenfish

    Cira Molkoh

  5. Kittenfish


  6. Kittenfish

    Kiyokage Mizuhiki

  7. Kittenfish

    Katherina Khaine

    After a hair cut.
  8. Kittenfish

    Rana Haragin.png

  9. Kittenfish

    Current Members

    Members that are currently active in the guild.
  10. Kittenfish

    Goofing off

    Because we like to have fun despite how serious our FC is.
  11. From the album: Goofing off

    We take our events very seriously, but we also know that having fun is important. Here are some pictures of the group who are getting ready for a garlean mission.
  12. Kittenfish

    The Red Dragon

    After saving a couple of noble ladies from Ishgard, the council is left with many questions. Luckily for them there is someone to answer them. There will be some interrogating of the man from last weeks event, before they are handed over to Cira.
  13. Kittenfish

    Early Morning Missions

    Morning mission with Cira/Liliva. Contact them for more information.
  14. Kittenfish

    Early Morning Missions

    Morning mission with Cira/Liliva. Contact them for more information.
  15. Kittenfish

    Impromptu event

    Sumi is always finding trouble, what has she gotten into this time?
  16. Given that the aetheristry and the Council as a whole is, in part, dedicated to research, it’s likely (and desired) that any individual member conducts their own research at any given time. If any of your reported findings could be of use to the Council, you can be reimbursed for your time. Or, if need be, the resources of the Council can be used to help further your investigations. Mission Parameters: 3+ Members to complete. Cira will lead the group, as she is the only one who knows the way. OOC Parameters: Open world DM’d investigation and recovery lead by Cira. Mission Payout: 3 merits
  17. Empire of the Dawn, Wednesday Apr 17th, 8:30pm CST. Starting in Kugane. Must arrive in Garlean Uniform. **In order for Khallendra to join the ranks of Coucil of the Dawn and dedicate herself fully to their cause her ties to the Empire must be severed. Could this be a well laid out trap or would the council find themselves with someone proven to be a valuable asset.