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A morally grey free company dedicated to protecting the world from darkness, the Council endeavors in creating a flowing, intricate, organic roleplay experience focused on long-term storytelling and character growth. Devised of three individual sub-groups, we have a place for just about any character archetype that fits the ideologies of the Council and the Path that its members walk. See our URL for more information and links or to message leadership with any questions!





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventure, Relic Hunting and Research, Mentors and Students, Crafters and Gatherers


  1. What's new in this club
  2. Drugs and Cerphi really, really don't mix. Find out who dumped them on her.
  3. Description:Those from the previous day will have some knowledge about the results of the scouting mission of the previous day. Today, we follow up.
  4. until
    It's that time of year again, for better or for worse. So let us all gather around the starlight trees... because there are so many of them... and let us celebrate in the best way we can, by getting drunk!
  5. There's probably nothing going on, maybe kids messing around. Still, better safe than sorry. Check around the Tam-Tara Deepcroft area for suspicious activity. (OOC: Bringing in a fresh one.)
  6. Members that are currently active in the guild.
  7. Funds are low for the orphanage especially this time of year when the kids get starlight gifts, Sumi is selling stew with a chance to win stuffed toys to raise money. There is even a chance to win a full Starlight Meal if their number matches Sumi's!
  8. Sumi has got it in her head that she needs to hold another fundraiser for the orphanage. This time she’s offering up Stew instead of muffins. One of the Ingredients is orobon livers and she needs a group to go get some fresh ones.
  9. IC meeting
  10. There is a mandatory IC meeting at 9:30pm cst, all members are required to be there or to have talked to Kiyo sometime that week before.
  11. Sitting in the book on the table is a stack of completed missions. Names have been written on them so as to keep track of who went on what mission. Into the Sand: Requirements: One full member along with three others. Difficulty: Two Request for Sandworm Fangs. Contact leadership for paperwork and information. Members: Phantom, Nio, Kiyo, Zhen, Toshi, Nacht, Rael 12 teeth delivered to the wrong place.
  12. As you enter the Council Estate, you will notice a board that holds various jobs on it. Below are some of the ones that are currently active and open. Into the Brush: Requirements: One full member along with three others. Difficulty: Two Shortage on Bristletail boots. Contact leadership for paperwork and information. Into the Snow: Requirements: One full member along with three others. Difficulty: Two Request for fleece. Contact Leadership for paperwork and information. Into the Woods: Requirements: One full me
  13. No longer Recruiting at this time, as we're going though a major renovation of the entire FC.
  14. Vilekin, it had to be Vilekin. Vilekin have been more aggressive in The Fringes evidently and attempts by the Resistance stationed at Castellum McBigbridge Castellum Velodyna have been met with a few of those men and women not coming back. Perhaps it's time for fire, and lots of it.
  15. It seems that the demon I've named 'The Puppeteer' is out and about snatching up more victims. My ears have been flooded with these rumors and it's seems he's taken his show on the road, causing disturbances across the shroud. By disturbances, I mean abductions and what can be described as shows of horror... that can't be good. Sadly, any attempts by the wailers to chase down this fiend have been met with failure (to no one's surprise) and a few more performers in his 'show'. Let's end this before he get's an encore.
  16. Hey maybe a few of you diplomatic fucks can ask a sylph if they can slow down me and nio turning into gods damned trees or something?! Sorry. My bark is worse than my bite, promise.
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