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Hi everyone!

Since Omega was declared as the Unofficial EU RP server back when it was first made, we created a linkshell, "RP Network", to work as an ingame social hub for players to make friends and find RP connections. Now that we will have a World Visit system in place, we have a cross-world linkshell called "Chaos DC RP Network" to keep in touch with other players on the same datacenter. We have also recently renamed the linkshell on Omega to "Omega RP Network", just so people know what server it is on.

If you would like an invite to the linkshell, please contact any of the following leaders ingame.


  • Flynn Rosenberg
  • Haruka Suijin
  • N'xai Ardaea
  • Neric Ashgarde
  • Arai Yoruichi
  • Momone Mone


Note that the current list of linkshell leaders may shift but we will do our best to update this thread as soon as we can. As the member limit of the Omega linkshell is capped to 128, and 64 for the cross-world linkshell, we will only allow one character per person to join both until the probability of the cap increasing.


Alternatively, we have a Discord server (FFXIV Chaos Roleplayers Coalition) that you can join and ask for an invite from there. Please use the link below to join:




List of servers in Chaos datacenter that will be able to join the cross-world linkshell


  • Omega (home)
  • Cerberus
  • Louisoix
  • Moogle
  • Ragnarok



Discord RP Notes


It is worth noting that we are all on differing timezones and may have other IRL commitments, so any questions raised (generally or to a specific person) *might* not be answered immediately.


If you're wanting to find out if there is any RP going on, you can either use #lfrp and toss in a quick message on an OOC basis. Alternatively, there is the #ic-billboard that can be used to engage RP on an IC basis through the form of a flyer or otherwise - If you want to use this, be sure to check the pinned posts for the rules first!


All confirmed events can be found in #rp-event-announcements - There will usually be two announcements for any single event. One on the week that it'll be commencing and another roughly an hour before it starts. Events that occur on a weekly basis can be found under pinned messages.

If you want to discuss a potential event idea or concept, that can be done over in #event-planning .

New to RP

If you're unsure where to get started, there are a bunch of helpful guides over in #rp-workshop that can help give a general overview of RP as a whole - not just RP tied to FFXIV! If you do have any questions specifically about the FFXIV universe and how something might work, the best bet would be jumping into #lore-discussion and asking away!

FCs & LSs

You can find a full list of Free Companies and Linkshells over in #community-directory that you can browse at your leisure, however if you'd prefer a more active approach to your search - head on over to #lfrp and let people know a bit about yourself and what you're looking for! I'm sure that someone should get in touch in time.

Role Updates

If you're wanting your role updated, throw a message into #role-requests or poke one of the Admins via DM


We're all here as a community to come together for one another, be it for RP or otherwise! If ever you're unsure on something or need a helping hand, don't feel like you can't speak up! Where possible, we'll try our best to help and if one of us doesn't know the answer or is unavailable, someone else may be ready and waiting!


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