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  1. Hi everyone! It's been a long while but I'm hoping to get back into RP in FFXIV. I'm from the UK and was hoping that there's still a good EU RP base around. Have done RP in SWTOR, TES, GW2 Have dabbled in both medium and heavy RP in the past, will probably stick to medium because of current workload. I'm around evenings and most weekends I adore story writing so am hoping to create myself a character I can really latch onto I love playing healer characters and am thinking of picking up a Conjurer Hellsguard since I've never really touched the Roegadyn race before
  2. Main Character's Name: Larik Vanarik Brief descriptions and/or links to any Wiki's: An ex pirate, turned mercenary. Always has a cheeky grin on his face and often a flagon in his hand. Usually online between: 6pm-11pm BST. RP Intensity: Medium/heavy
  3. Rozene

    Back again!

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys! As for what I'm looking for, I get the sense I'll have to settle myself and have a peek around first so I can get at least a minimum about of lore under my belt... but after that I'll most likely go for some sort of mercenary company. Something that'll get me involved and meeting lots of people. I'm also trying out the Archer/eventually Bard class with Tal's goofball brother Okha'to. So maybe something lighthearted would suit too. Who knows?!?!
  4. Howdy, lovely RP'ers! I am a returning player cautiously poking my nose back into the game and trying to wrap my head around things. I've taken a break from RP in general over the past few months but have decided the time is right to get back into the swing of things. So here we go! My main is a flippant, sarky Keeper of the Moon named Talyah Jhinara. She's only around level 30 at the mo, so I'm aware I still have a LOT of exploring to do. I am UK based and plan to be online most evenings on the Balmung server. I look forward to getting involved with the community and meeting all you
  5. Well... Khiri does have a stupidly positive overreaction to most things she sees, so...
  6. @Griffith! - No need to apologise. Khiri is annoyingly happy and chirpy at all times, so I'd actually love to see what she'd do if met with racism/hostility etc. Thinking about it... The chirpiness is probably just another reason for other people to be really annoyed by her. However, my lovely little mad scientist is most likely too dippy to see even mind-blowing obvious racism. :geek: @Arter Wood - Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, is a helluva creepy gif. I'm half lolling, half quaking in fear. Perfect! I love it!
  7. Aha! A template! Good, this will hopefully stop me from rambling! I originally tried ffxiv when a free trial became available near launch. At the time I didn’t put as much time into it as it deserved as I was tied up in several other games. But now I’m back, I’ve tried the game properly and I absolutely love it! Ahem, question time: --MMORPG background I’ve dabbled with all sorts of MMO’s but began my RP life in the SWTOR forums and then into the actual game itself. I was there for a very long time before moving on to GW2 where I had an equally long stint. After that I tried all sorts o
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