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  1. Jet Sikunya

    [Hyperion] The Limsan Fog Cafe

    The Limsan Fog Cafe opens it's doors every Wednesday at 9pm est! Grab a drink or sweet treat, converse with your fellow patrons, or relax quietly and comfortably in the small bathhouse downstairs. Hyperion Server, Mist Ward 6 Plot 20 right on the beachfront! The Limsan Fog promotes a calm and casual atmosphere for veteran role players and newcomers alike. Cross-server alts are very much welcome and encouraged! Pay us, and all of Hyperion a visit. I hope to see you there!
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    Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen’s Club Presents! A special Role-Play event with Astral Cloister, Cosa Nostra, Dark Mystics and Mist! Hyperion Scavenger Hunt 2018 @everyone When? September 2 10pm EST! Where? Gather in Hyperion, Mist - Ward 6, Plot 7 After dolling out millions, the famed Lucky Sevens Slot Machine fell under the envious eyes of brigands from across Hydaelyn. It's almost like they don't realized you have to fill the hopper with gil, it doesn't just magically print it! After a thrilling nighttime heist that included an overly complicated plan, which went unused because someone had already broken a window with a brick, the bandits have managed to steal away with their prize: The slot machine itself! September 2, the Lucky Sevens and the Free Companies of Hyperion bring you the ultimate Scavenger Hunt to take part in the ultimate adventure! The clues have been gathered, the trail stretches across the entire star of Hydaelyn! With such a valuable relic as our slot machine on the line, the Lucky Sevens will spare no expense in its retrieval. So join forces with the legendary adventurer-for-hire "Indy Game" Jones. Follow the maps he's assembled to the hiding spots where the slot machine pieces have been secreted away--And collect your much deserved reward when you bring them home to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club. 1 MILLION GIL 1ST PRIZE, MILLIONS MORE IN PRIZES FOR EVERY CHARACTER THAT COMPLETES THE SCAVENGER HUNT! Lucky Sevens Casino and Gentlemen’s Club--Where Role Play is the Biggest Jackpot!
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    The lights! The music! The games! It all takes a break every Sunday night, as we shut the doors to the Casino, and instead we venture out into the open world to gather with our favorite guests and members in a more intimate setting, for world building, character development, and fostering lasting relationships among ourselves! Tonight the Poker studs and Casino bunnies take a much needed day off, to enjoy the summer air and relaxing ocean waters of Costa Del Sol! That's right folks, It's a Beach episode. Who doesn't love a good beach episode!?
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    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen's Club, where the casino bunnies and poker studs of the casino floor are ready to take you to the entertainment destination of your choice. Revel in the games, the girls, the good times of the casino floor and stay to watch the fabulous Lucky Sevens dancers in our legendary Showcase & Revue! Open from 10PM to Midnight, Eastern. All the fun to be had in Hyperions Mist, Ward 6, Plot 7--You Lucky People!