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Mateus/Crystal (18+) - Not Safe For Hydaelyn! is a Discord community of adult roleplayers that encourages and embraces the responsible and ethical roleplaying of adult content. We emphasize the community aspect of our server and expect all who join us to prioritize engaging respectfully with one another on the occasionally sensitive subject of sexy content! We are LGBTQ+ friendly, and have a welcoming atmosphere for all who wish to join. We have channels for seeking other adult roleplay partners for whatever content you wish to RP, private and public server events that our members plan, organize, and host, and discussion channels for character ideas, gameplay tips, and more! If that sounds interesting to you, check us out. Please note that you will be required to read and agree to our rules before you will be able to see any of the channels.





Group Type

General Grouping / Discord

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NSFW, Discord Community, LGBTQ+ friendly


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