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  1. Depends on my partner. I have ongoing RP over discord with one person and we have a pretty regular posting schedule and it works. Other people just drop-off mid scene because there's nothing to keep them engaged longer. Which can be really annoying when waiting for follow up. I do like to write long paragraphs so discord suits me well, but it really depends on the person on the other side as to how well it works. For most people I would prefer to be in game for that reason.
  2. As a straight female RPer, who came into RP not looking for romantic plot threads and feel into SEVERAL by accident, I can tell you that the stories and the players are out there. You may just need to look outside certain circles to find it. A lot of it is networking with players, meeting their connections and sometimes just walking up and interacting with folk in game. I had my character literally fall over someone in game and it led to a long term plotline. Mind you, I usually get "Wow I don't usually get such great response from walkups!" but .. heh. Read people's cards, send th
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