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  1. Rumors abound along the streets of Kugane, that if a man were to ask the right questions, share a drink with the right people in the local Hostelry, or perhaps he's just wandering down Shirogane's idyllic shores where he would discover a gathering of men and women from all walks of life caught in merriment, drunkenness, gambling, and fisticuffs. It's said that this gathering comes twice per moon at the behest of a man named Vicktis Leeward though little is known of those that orchestrate the gathering, this much is known to all who gather at the moving venue; just beyond the reach of the Sekis
  2. I'm certainly taking all this up for consideration. I'm thinking first I'll join the discord and see what connections can be had. I am not one to turn down Discord RP either.
  3. I see. Well, if I happen to not find at least a few others to weave story with here in Siren I will certainly have to make that leap though it is far from ideal.
  4. It's fun starting a new game but after a week or so of not really finding anyone to connect with; it starts wearing on you. True, I have bumped into a few kind souls but being the generally shy person I am near the beginning of any impromptu contact, our meetings were short and sweet. I've called Guild Wars 2 and Black Desert Online my home for so long (less so with the latter) and though I am not entirely abandoning Guild Wars 2 I have neglected my first love of RPGs for long enough and so I wished to give this Final Fantasy MMO a good honest try. Thus far I have been charmed by the game that
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