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  1. there is the annihilation of my home taking place at this very moment
  2. It's either people find workarounds or everyone exclusively RPs middle-aged Ala Mhigans or the students of middle-aged Ala Mhigans, so I can forgive people glossing over such things in the interest of variety/creativity, especially when it's been established that it's a magical tradition that doesn't require anything beyond a way of finding the knowledge to learn.
  3. this is a videogame i cannot stress this enough it's a videogame and people play it for fun, it is a leisure activity in no way, shape or form are other people playing the videogame obligated to come over to your server and do busywork to make your videogame experience better, it's the equivalent of me asking you to come to my house and blow into my sega cartridges it's really that simple so yeah do it yourself
  4. Nah, you can still transfer to a restricted server. It says that, but you still can.
  5. p. much this, SE certainly isn't above bending or contradicting their own lore, I don't see why others can't
  6. I don't really think it's worth freaking out over. If you want to RP a dragoon, you can find a good enough excuse. If someone really uses the lorebook as an excuse to tell people they can't play dragoons then they're a lame fuck and probably not worth your time anyway. The lorebook says they were down to 10 people in active service by the time the final battle with Nidhogg was over, it doesn't say anything about new dragoons after that or retired/inactive dragoons coming back, so really all you'd have to say (and you'd only really need to do this if you're dead-set on being an
  7. I got you warren, my dude, worked tirelessly on this
  8. you're the hero we need, but don't deserve also if SE actually wanted to invalidate my headcanons they'd need to go into close detail about: - how dragoon powers work - how dragoon hierarchy is - fat cats and i doubt they're gonna go too far into those
  9. Lalafriends are :thumbsup: Oskwell is a hunter as well, but a monster hunter rather than a treasure hunter. Granted, some of the rarer monsters he hunts could be considered treasures. Well, either that or they're guarding the ancient riches of a long-dead civilization or something stupid like that. He also tends to lend his spear arm to just about anyone, provided they actually need his services and aren't doing anything illegal or distasteful in general, so a traveling treasure hunter might find need for his help, and he's quite eager to give it.
  10. I push the button, it's a time machine. I go back to the launch of the game, find every single one of my eventual friends, and hand them the list of people who would try to fuck them over in RP in the future. Oh yeah, and people don't put passive-aggressive obviously-OOC-motivated insults in emotes that are pointless because people can't read their character's mind. Oh yeah, and bleed. That shit stops.
  11. Thank you! I'll be sure to hit you up next chance I get it. It's always fun to put him around other awkward/aloof characters. Sounds good! I need to get in touch w/ both of you.
  12. Ed's a real cool dude! Very versatile, I wholeheartedly recommend doing the roleplayeth with him
  13. Hey there, RPC. I got a hot tip that there were cool people in this here webzone, so I decided to make a thread. Introducing GWANNES OSKWELL, HUNTER FOR HIRE! Born in a land that hated him, Oskwell aspired to become somebody great... and FAILED. Years later, having crossed the land of Eorzea on ill-conceived bird-coeurl hunts, spiritual pilgrimages, and shopping trips gone horribly wrong, Oskwell aspires to become somebody... above-average. After all, when you hunt monsters, the average ones don't tend to live that long, right? As he finds himself caught up in the middle of age-
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