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  1. delete character that had unlimited gil, thereby deleting an unlimited amount of gil and creating a currency vortex now forced to recognise and process this negative infinity, balmung's server becomes sentient and starts questioning whether it possesses a soul
  2. survey looked like fun so i filled it out, questions look pretty innocent to me and i'm curious to see how the article ends up - roleplayers are a fascinating bunch
  3. welcome to our new mod, ehre'to lhisniyo!!!
  4. I've let the mods know you want in, so hopefully someone'll be on to catch you soon! sorry! I'll try to get you an invite personally if our timezones align
  5. the most boring characters are those written with the express intent of not being boring - to avoid giving another "do what you want" reply (even though you really should just do what you want) I can list off some questions that I ask myself when I'm first setting up a RP character - maybe they'll help you idk What's the basic, overarching concept I'm aiming for here? Is this workable within the setting's bounds? (don't fuss too much about this but many roleplayers are strict about lore) Can I play this well? (if the answer is no, this isn't a reason to trash the idea - you just might ne
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