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  1. Small child aspires to become vagrant axe-murderer, succeeds.
  2. The more disgusted she looks, the better.
  3. Flynn's a cool guy and a quality roleplayer, befriend him today!
  4. 1- moonfire set F 2- rug 3- tonberry 4- bluebird
  5. There's a mount reward for collecting all weapons. The ride will never end.
  6. Xande, Amon, Unei and Doga are all from Final Fantasy III but the NPCs/bosses may have been given those names to fit the theme of the Crystal Tower raids. And then there's Wiyu, which was the name of a weapon in final fantasy tactics.
  7. The Odin trial hand/feet pieces are equippable by DoM. Also, while they don't have a heavy armor appearance, the Allagan replica tunics of casting/healing are decent non-robe tops (expensive though)
  8. The tournament was a lot of fun, thank you for putting it together! I hope there's another in the future.
  9. There are probably different denominations of coin so you're not stuck carrying around hundreds of 1 gil coins (unless you're one of those sadists that likes to pay for everything in pennies) Allagan currency is a good example of this and I'd like to think there's an present-day Eorzean equivalent.
  10. There's the loophle needed to carry on with house scalping. Create and level a FC, buy a plot, claim you're charging for time/gil invested into the company.
  11. Tentative sign up as a 2-3 man team, The Bloodhawks. Should my teammates not make it, I sign up solo as Seiko Mamushi.
  12. Hyakki

    Leaf on the Wind

    It's inactive, I believe. Unless someone else started it up again? I'm no longer part of it and haven't heard from/seen the other two leads for some time.
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