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    Ark is still alive and kicking! We have an active Discord. No FC membership necessary to enjoy our events- keep your FC tag and come hang out! Swing by: https://ark.enjin.com/recruitment
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    We've had pretty good turnout on the two events we've run since opening. We're still recruiting for both the LS and FC so check us out!
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    The FC/LS/Discord is now officially open- expect regular events themed around all things void-y!
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    Everyone is welcome to the open house event at: LB Ward 7 Plot 25 on Sunday, November 12 at 8:00 PM EST.
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    [align=center][/align] [align=center]A VOIDSENT THEMED FFXIV RP COMMUNITY[/align] [align=center]What is Ark? [/align] ARK stands for Afflicted Rescue and Kinship. It is an agency focused on voidsent eradication and the protection of people who are cursed, possessed or afflicted by voidsent. ARK plans to run weekly RP events, both social and plot-based. We encourage everyone to write and host their own events and personal stories, as well. Anyone can join regardless of FC affiliation. It is both a Discord, Linkshell, and FC and you can join just one, two, or all of them- your choice! A home estate exists with gardens and chocobo stables and is the IC base of operations. Members can join into one of five separate roles. ALL roles can attend ALL events. Hunters: the Vultures. These people have an aptitude for hunting and killing voidsent, and serve as both the feet on the field to get the job done, and the protection for the estate territory. Researchers: the Owls. These people would prefer to focus more of their time collecting information about voidsent and determining more effective ways of eliminating them. Staff: the Ospreys. These people prefer to operate home base by providing services to the residents such as cooking meals, protecting and providing for the afflicted. Expertise in dealing with voidsent is still strongly recommended. Residents: the Kestrels. These people are afflicted by a voidsent in some way. Either they are possessed, hunted, cursed, or otherwise in danger, Ark provides a safe refuge in the estate. The dormitories are warded and protection is always provided- even if it must be to protect the afflicted from themselves. Allies: the Sparrows. These people are not directly involved with Ark, but are allied with them and are welcomed to all events and stories. [align=center]What is the Story?[/align] Ark was founded by Khyran Oisin and Selthrana White, both experienced voidsent hunters and researchers. In the distant past, Khyran worked with his mentor Isolde and her collective of voidsent hunters called the Little Birds. They operated outside the work of the Order of Nald'thal for various reasons. Though Isolde and the Birds are long gone, he wished to continue Isolde's legacy. He founded Ark with his fiance, Selthrana. Throughout her life, Selthrana faced many a brush with death at the hands of voidsent, which has hardened her and taught her much of their ways. Her abilities as an accomplished alchemist and her hunger for knowledge has given her a distinct edge for the job. OOC, Ark was founded by a husband-and-wife team of RPers, Virilant and Aeolian, who play Selthrana and Khyran respectively. We desire to create a safe, fun RP environment for hobbyist storytellers from all walks of life. Aeolian is experienced with community management and was a co-founder of the disbanded Aethertide <> RP community. Virilant is newer on the scene, but is experienced in real-world management positions. Ark has no IC hierachy. (No prestige/power ranks, no officers, no way to "move up the ladder.") At the end of the day Ark hopes to cultivate an environment where everyone is treated as equal, both OOC and IC, and that we all can become good friends while sharing our RP passion. [align=center]Rules[/align] 1. OOC Behavior Policy: Don't be mean. Respect everybody and be positive. Discrimination is never cool, even if you're just kidding. No griefing, trolling or otherwise disrupting people's experience both inside and outside Ark. This is, first and foremost, a drama free community- so please don't pick fights with people! If there is an issue don't hesitate to PM an admin. We don't have a strike system or anything like that- but consistent disrespect of our community won't be tolerated. We'll treat everything on a case-by-case basis. 2. 18+ Policy: Please keep content in our channels SFW. There are no plans to allow a NSFW channel in this server. Please assume that a minor may be present in the company and don't post explicit sexual content. While we desire that everyone who applies is 18+ this cannot be effectively enforced. 3. Lore Policy: All we ask is that you respect the source material of Final Fantasy 14 and try to play a character that could believably exist in the environment. We are extremely welcoming and lenient with lore-bending. However, because we are ultimately a voidsent/cult themed guild, the lore points we are particularly concerned about are the following: Voidsent cannot exist openly in a major city: they are kill on sight. If you RP a voidsent or a voidsent-afflicted character, it is important to bear in mind the need for discretion. This fact is why Ark exists: it is a safe refuge for people who would otherwise be killed by simply existing in public. A lore book was released that included in-depth information about voidsent hierarchy and species. When possible, try to follow what we do know about voidsent. We have access to scans for all voidsent related lore pages for your perusal if need be. (An in-depth voidsent lore guide will be posted soon.) The FC makes assumptions about voidsent beyond what is present in the lore. We are OK creating new species of voidsent to use in plots and generating our own research about existing species as well. Members are invited to create Research Journals with their own studies about voidsent encounters and they will be treated as "house lore." Submissions are reviewed by admins before the stamp of approval is given to them. We hope to create believable extensions to the existing FFXIV world lore about voidsent, with the eventual goal of using our creations as the subject of plots and events. When applying to us, you agree by all these rules, and you are OK with our lax-yet-specific lore policy. APPLY HERE: https://ark.enjin.com/recruitment In-Game contacts: Khyran Oisin, Selthrana White
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    Master list of FC & LS themes

    In Game Theme(s): Adventurers, general contract work FC/LS Name: : Aethertide Ventures Website: Enjin: http://aethertide.enjin.com/ RPC: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=17391 Contacts: Vi Lindon (Sam)#6994 RadicalEduard#4602 SpectacleG#7268 Aeolian (Khyran)#9732 Aerislana (Cordellia)#8890 Llinos#2108 Housing (type of establishment if it's not obvious): Company Mansion. Ward 12 plot 45, Mists
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    [Balmung] Aethertide Ventures Masquerade Ball 8/27/16

    A few changes were made to the event, and a prize list for our raffle has been updated.
  8. [align=center][/align] [align=center]MASQUERADE[/align] [align=center] ~ IC ~ As you wander into the bar, a flyer posted on the public notice board catches your eye... "Greetings, friends of Eorzea. Upon the eve of summer, sun 27 of the Fourth Umbral Moon, the Free Company Aetheritde Ventures would like to invite you to a masquerade ball, located at our estate at the Mists, ward 12, plot 45. The event shall be held at seven to eleven bells in the evening. Please dress formally and wear a mask befitting of this occasion. Food and drink will be provided, and if you have no partner for the ball, you may request to be paired with another lonely individual at random. In the evening, we are holding a haiku contest to any who wish to present their work. There is no entry fee- any and all are welcome. We hope to see you there."[/align] [align=center] ~ OOC ~ You are cordially invited to the Aethertide Ventures Masquerade. The event begins August 27 from 7:00 to 10:30PM EST at the Aethertide Ventures Estate - Mists Ward 12 plot 45. [/align] [align=center] SCHEDULE OF EVENTS All Evening- Upon entry, you will find a large jar filled with candy. If you want to guess how many candies there are in the jar, the people who get closest to the number will win a prize at the end of the event. There are 5 prizes that you can receive, details below! 8:00- Dance Roulette. If you are interested you can sign up to have your name thrown in a pot. You will then be paired with a random person at the ball to dance with. This is great if you are looking to meet new people! A link to a music stream will be provided. 9:00- Murder Mystery. You are invited to join and enjoy a murder mystery performance put on by Aethertide Ventures. Be a part of the chaos as you examine the case with the other guests, and try to figure out who did it! 10:30- Prize Rewards and Wrap Up. The host will give out prizes to the people who won the number raffle. Thank you for coming and for supporting our event! [/align] RAFFLE PRIZES Thanks to the combined efforts of Aethertide's crafters and raiders, we have a great selection of prizes that will be rewarded to the winners of the candy jar raffle. 1. GRAND PRIZE: , , and orchestrian scrolls.Worth about 5 mil in total. 2. SECOND PLACE: A commissioned piece of any Replica High Allagan Coat of the winner's choice. 3. THIRD PLACE: A bundle of Primal minions: Shiva, Garuda and Titan. 4. RUNNER UPS: An Orchestrian housing item. [align=center] If you have any questions or comments, please post below, or PM me! [/align]
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    Aethertide Ventures

    Hello, friends. Aethertide has seen a lot of development and changes over the last while. Here's a rundown of what's going on in case you missed the scoop. Housing Aethertide now has a Large estate located at Ward 12, Plot 45 of the Mists. We're in the process of furnishing it, but soon it will be ready to formally unveil. We are still accepting donations of gil and furniture for the house. Please drop them in the Company Chest! Events 1. After our housing acquisition, we have yet to move in ICly. Our new series of seasonal events is happening now. Read more about it here. 2. Aethertide Adventures is an upcoming series of recurring events in which we explore PVE content in character. Read more about it here. 3. Our first official Moogle Ball game is coming soon! There's still time to join a team or create a new one. Don't know what Moogle Ball is? Read about it here. 4. Recurring events themed around our company's various branches (Outreach's "Office Hours" and Aegis "Combat Training") is currently on hold until everything is settled. Recruitment 1. Recruitment is temporarily closed as people settle into our house and we get back into the rhythm of things. If you have a friend who wants to join, however, they can state their referral on the application and we will review their app as normal. 2. Remember to play with and vote on new members. We've recently clarified our voter system, so be sure to read it. (You cannot view this forum if you are still in trial.) Tokens and Contests The Tokens System was something we implimented as idea that hadn't been done before in an FC, but we've grown to a size where such a system isn't feasable anymore. However, we still would like some of the ideas to remain in-tact for the FC's enjoyment. As such, the system is being revamped. Read more about it here. Thanks for reading! We look forward to playing with you.
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    You Know You Overthink RP When....

    That feel when you overanalyze your own writing to be sure it's not too out of character... >.
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    [Balmung] Aethertide Ventures Masked Date Auction

    The event is today! Everybody come on down if you want to RP!
  12. AeolianMode

    [Balmung] Aethertide Ventures Masked Date Auction

    Original Post amended.
  13. [align=center] Itching to have a wonderful night with a mystery date, or simply someone to aid you with their special skills? Then bring your gil down to the luxurious Drunken Moogle tavern, located at Ward 4, Plot 8 of the Lavender Beds on the 14th Sun of the Third Astral Moon at the 8th Bell of the Evening [May 14 at 8:00 PM EST] for a most entertaining evening: a blind date or contract auction! Auctionees will be masked and presented to you by a description alone, names and particularly telling skills withheld. You are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask to this party! You are also encouraged, but not required, to disable names in your UI. It adds to the mystery! Please note that although this is advertised as a “date” auction, some characters do not want to participate in a romantic date, and instead offer their company, time, or services. Therefore, your gil is buying a “contract” with them for a night. Their specifications will be made IC known when they are being auctioned so there’s no surprises. If you want to be auctioned and don’t want it to be romantic, there is room for you! All this said, please respect the OOC and IC wishes of those you win. Your donations will be going towards the future home and furnishings of the Aethertide Ventures Heavy RP FC, and for that purpose alone. Donations are final. The characters accepting your donations are Vi Lindon and H’aku Tsesa of <>, no one else! We are raising money to provide a home for our wonderful, growing community, that we may finally enjoy the benefits of this privilege. Your contributions are humbly appreciated, and we hope to reciprocate with some fantastic and creative RP that you will always remember. WHO ARE OUR MYSTERY AUCTIONEES SO FAR?[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=left] Known affectionately by some as “Chess Piece”, this knightly man will surely pledge his service to you tonight. He’s a wanderer, a vagabond, and a passionate lover. You may just find him awaiting you with a rose clenched between his teeth. This scruffy little man might not look like much, but he's determined to give you a happy memory tonight. He is a man bred by hardship, and he has traveled far and wide. The stories he can tell are dwarfed only by his passion for you. (And more to come!) [/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]An enchanting woman from Doma, her nature is feisty and forthright. Those who want a night with this lady will have to fight for it. [/align] A gentle spirit with a golden heart, this lovely young woman will be starstruck to hold anyone’s hand tonight. An experienced medical practitioner and professional, this woman of Ala Mhigan background is capable of reading your fortune. Her deep, red eyes and unnaturally pale skin may be unnerving to some… and an adventure for others. A writer and owner of a local bar in the Shroud, this studious young woman will delight in your company. This tall, mysterious woman seeks knowledge and wisdom in all her affairs, and perhaps she would like to get to know you, as well. This woman's professional demeanor will break down in settings of informality, revealing her true and charming self to the world. She's rather hairy, and a little dirty, but don't let her exterior fool you: she's a bundle of joy and well worth your time! (And more to come...) [align=center]AUCTION FAQ [/align] [align=center][align=left]Q. Do I have to spend gil? A. Yes. This is to help AV-RP raise money for our house and that requires real gil. If you want to come RP without bidding, you’re welcome to do so. [/align] [align=left]Q. Who is taking the donation money? A. The characters who will be accepting your gil donations are H’aku Tsesa and Vi Lindon, and ONLY these characters. Do not give your gil to anyone else![/align] [align=left]Q. Can I be auctioned off if I’m not in AV-RP FC or LS? A. Unfortunately due to the high turn-out and interest in this, we’re putting a cap on how many auctionees there are. You can still try to apply but you may not be added, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it on as an auctionee. Please PM me a description of your character no longer than 2 paragraphs. If we can work you in, we will.[/align] [align=left]Q. How do I bid on someone? A. All auctions start at 10k minimum bid. They will go up in multiples of 5k. Shout out your bid and compete! The auctioneer will call “sold” to the highest bidder. Then, your date will join you and the both of you can both IC and OOC arrange a time for your date night. [/align] Q. I just got auctioned off, what’s expected of me? [align=left]A. Follow through! Somebody paid real gil for you, so be sure to give them your best. If they are OOC or IC disrespecting your character’s wishes, however, there is no shame in calling it off. You, as an auctionee, are not obligated to follow through with something if you’re not comfortable with it. If you are harassed, contact an AV-RP officer. The officers are Vi Lindon, H'aku Tsesa, Eduard Harlow, and Khyran Oisin. [/align] [align=left]Q. My date/contract didn’t follow through, can I be refunded? A. Unfortunately, no. All donations are final. If your date stood you up and you can’t OOC work it out with them, please let an AV-RP officer know so we can help resolve the situation. [/align] If you have a question, feel free to ask below, and we will add it to the FAQ. SPECIAL THANKS: To the Drunken Moogle for allowing us to use their services. Learn more about them here! [align=left](Some details, specifically the amount of gil required for a bid, is subject to change.) [/align] [/align]
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    Aethertide Ventures

    Just a wee little note: http://aethertide.tumblr.com is now launched!
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    Aethertide Ventures

    [align=center]https://36.media.tumblr.com/87a14170a4e4b9f211d5bf9835ff7db3/tumblr_o4gp8lZmAJ1ugpvbbo1_540.jpg[/img] Welcome, friends! It's about time for a bit of news![/align] Storylines Part One of our new seasonal series, The Jewel of Rhalgr, is over, and Part Two is coming up on the 25th at 8 EST. As a quick note, we tried a sign-ups system to see if it would help with our event size, but it went pretty badly. We're sorry about that, and we won't be trying it again in the future. We are, however, going to try to split up the group for Part Two, just to see how it goes and if it helps keep the RP and storytelling tight! We hope to see you there. Member personal plots are always encouraged. We've completed personal plot events for Defiant Bride and Oyunchimeg, and there's one for Rosalin coming up on Sunday the 27th. FC Growth We're preparing for the future of an FC house. Our goal is to have 100m in our company chest before patch 3.3 lands. Your donations are final and the money will NOT be touched until a house can be purchased with it. Toss in ideas here. You're making money for our future house by simply playing. Vi is converting our FC credits into stuff that sells. Check this thread and this spreadsheet for more information. General Announcements There's about 10 days left to join the monthly prompt, which is an AU theme. Also, check out H'elah's writing prompts as well for more fun things to write. There's more things in the works, such as new site artwork and Moogle Ball. Stay tuned...