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  1. So… I had an idea and I had to put it paper cause I’m trash ;P The Ananta are all females but what if one of them would identify as a male? Would he be beaten and exiled? Probably maybe! So I designed this trans character with rags and bandages and he would be a lone traveller and archer. There. Take this SE for taking cute snekboys from me! Ah!!
  2. Yes. Yes. YES. Kaz is very similar to Slaanesh as he will try to make people reach wanton freedom and pleasure, often leading to a degradation of character both physically and morally.
  3. New drawing of Kaz Ashura, the character I currently play on Balmung! Enjoy!
  4. Many people will hate this character but I myself LOVE him. There is one thing he says that really made him important to me and for that, he is deserving of a drawing.
  5. You know you can just leave me a message whenever I'm around silly! Also, keep haunting my thread. My best friends are ghosts! T v T @Lhili and those interested: Thank you so much for your support and interests guys! It's truly awesome! Not sure if I'll be opening commissions soon though. No promises. I already have a lot to draw and I might give priority to the people in my FC and those I RP with first.
  6. Another quick post to add a new portrait to the collection! This time, Zalitai Dalamiq, archmagister of the Collective, a powerful and stern au ra! ;3
  7. Two more FF14 related sketches!! First one is Stalwart Diamond, amaaazing femroe who police Ul’Dah and Pearl Lane, a cesspool of crime and illegal fighting. I thought she deserved a gift for her services and amazing roleplay! Second is my boy Kaz, in his new armor and probably future hairstyle once Stormblood drops! He has changed a lot since he began his descent into the dark arts and the corruption of the Collective.
  8. Oh my gosh... Thank you so much everyone!! It is truly motivating to receive such lovely messages! It makes me want to draw more so here is more! <33 Kataani Hawkeye and Azrat Lariss from Balmung, fellow members of the Collective!
  9. Yet another kitty I RP with. Qih’li is another of Kaz’s few friends and amongst them, he’s actually the most peaceful. At least as far as I know. What he does in his personal time is another story.
  10. New sketch headshot of FF14! This is Kaz’s dark knight teacher and friend, S’imba Tia!
  11. It's about time I drew my boy again! Been so busy with work lately and if not busy with work, busy with roleplaying~ ;3 Here is my gay ass punk Kaz with his usual grin!
  12. Hello y'all!! Invitation for Prison RP. So Kaz was recently sent to prison due to Stalwart Diamond's swift and professional intervention which I highly praise! Amazing RP of a Flame Officer and one I'd love to see again, thanks a ton!! But anyway, with Kaz in prison, away from his usual hangout spot in Pearl Lane and forced to interact with whoever shares a cell with him, I'd like to know if anyone is interested in having their low-life, criminal or even prison guard character join him for a day or two. Anything scenario-wise is welcome and even a jailbreak if your character has
  13. Sooooo... Who's happy with the winner of the caster gear design contest? I sure am and I'm not even a caster! Might even level up one to get that outfit for I am a big fan of goat skull mask and most of all, revealing stuff! ;P As for the tank gear that won last year, never really liked it. Never really much liked the allagan gear and that looked way too much like something the team would design themselves.
  14. This is absolutely fantastic Thanks for the correction! I usually don't make mistakes like that but sometimes, words get silly in my head! xP
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