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  1. THE HANAMACHI PAVILION Welcome to the Hanamachi. Where we feed your fantasies in the lap of luxury. The Hanamachi caters to the upper echelon of Hydaelyn in all aspects of pleasure and leisure. Whatever you desire, whatever you dream, put in a request with the hostesses and we will match you with the person most suitable for you. But don’t be fooled, the ladies are always to be respected and those who break the rules pay the consequence of the game. Enjoy. WHAT WE DO The Hanamachi is meant to be an immersive experience for wealthy guests. From the moment they walk in the door, we make them feel like the most treasured person in the room. The whole of the Pavilion is our stage and the guest is the star we revolve around. Just don't forget, this is our stage. Although the Hanamachi is run by Yakuza (An extension of Okochi Ichizoku) it is and always will be primarily a hostess club. We indulge in D/M/ERP, related to many topics, but we wish to stay as close to the business as possible, and nobody is required to be involved in story arcs or content they do not wish to be. Inside the Pavilion we offer various pleasure services, all escorted and given by a hostess of your choosing, including tea service, the cloud lounge restaurant, the sake' bar entertainment area, several hot spring options, massage, and nyotaimori. Many private rooms have been prepared to welcome our guests and give them an intimate experience while taking in the leisure of being pampered and catered to by the ladies. WHAT WE NEED We are seeking new employees to be hostesses. At the moment we have filled all security positions, but we do have several house positions, including maids, waitresses, and administrative clerks. Hostesses are not required to offer ERP services. This is purely up to the player to decide for themselves. We welcome all players to come and see our housing and enjoy some time with the ladies before we throw the official opening event, which we hope very much will be in the next couple of weeks. WHERE: Shirogane. Ward 3. Plot 28. MEDIA: bit.ly/thehana IN-GAME CONTACTS: Miho Winter, Seven Alpha, Chiyoko Okochi, Koko Moks.
  2. UPDATE The Black Coeurl Contacts: C'anmaia Polaali, C'kayah Polaali, Rhaq Embhre. Headquarters: Lavender Beds, Ward 6, Plot 33. These members are all in Okochi Ichizoku now and that property belongs to <>.
  3. In Game Theme(s): Traders/Dealers, Salvagers, Brewers, Underworld, Yakuza. FC/LS Name: Okochi Ichizoku : <> Website url: http://okochis.wixsite.com/home Contacts: Miho Okochi (Leader) , Howl'tan Jeka, Leo Soulstar (Officers), Lumina Okochi, Kiyo Okochi. (2IC) Housing if you have one and it's open to the public (type of establishment [such as bar or school] if it's not obvious): Private Housing. Invite only or by agreed RP plot. Zone, Ward, Plot: Lav Beds, Ward 6 Subdiv, Plot 51. https://static.wixstatic.com/media/a325ab_9ce365d1b5aa41368a46c11384b868d9~mv2.png/v1/fill/w_500,h_161,al_c/a325ab_9ce365d1b5aa41368a46c11384b868d9~mv2.png[/img]
  4. [align=center][/align] [align=center][/align] Okochi Ichizoku (Okochi House) are purveyors of fine sake` hand brewed in the old tradition of Othard. This is a business that belonged to their family before the fall of Doma and has since been reestablished in the light of new open trade routes. [align=center]They have since moved from their refugee status in Eorzea and into the thriving and lucrative import and export business, dealing primarily in sake` of their own name, but also in rare and exotic artifacts found in salvage. [/align] [align=center][/align]
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