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FC Rules - Read Before Applying

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Be polite and mature! Do not argue with FC members and keep debates civil (if you can't help yourself, take it to a private conversation). Do not be passive aggressive to others, do not gossip about or badmouth FC members, do not lie or manipulate, do not intentionally provoke or bait others, do not fearmonger or try to undermine the leadership. No "witch-hunts" to get anyone demoted, punished, or removed from the FC.

You are not required to interact with every person in the FC, should your personality clash with someone else's. You can respectfully avoid/ignore him or her. You are welcome to blacklist FC mates, if necessary. If you have a dispute with another FC member and cannot sort it out yourself, you can come to an officer and we will help (please note: you must be willing to potentially compromise. We will not take your side just because you came to us first. You may have to apologize, take responsibility for your own part, accept the other person may not be punished or may not be removed, etc.).

We are not a dating site! Unwanted flirtation or sexual advances toward others will not be tolerated, nor will badgering company mates to set you up or be your wing-man. No inappropriate contact with minors. If you do engage in a consensual relationship with another FC member, do not let it bleed into the FC in any way--please refer to the very first rule. You may be held responsible for any drama that comes as a consequence from your relationship.

Be accepting of everyone's identities and differences, including race, sex, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, disability, nationality, and similar factors. Jokes in decent taste may be tolerated, but you will be asked to stop if anyone is uncomfortable. Discrimination will be taken seriously.

Be unselfish! FC members have the right to spend their time as they please. Asking for help or company is fine, but please do not get upset if others are busy or uninterested. Do not guilt trip or pressure others if you do not get the response you were hoping for.

Be positive! Complaining and venting are okay; it's natural, and we are glad to lend an ear and give support or advice. Please do not make a constant habit of it, however, be it complaints about your real life or the game, or constantly putting down the interests and opinions of others.

Not G-rated! Crude jokes, profane language, and sexual innuendo will happen from time to time. While we will do our best to see to everyone's comfort, this environment may not cater toward those who are especially sensitive to these things. Also, please be responsible if you have kids looking over your shoulder. Light NSFW links are okay (gore, violence, nude art, sexual themes, language), but please tag them accordingly and specify that they are NSFW. We do have a NSFW art channel in Discord that is meant for sharing personal artwork containing nudity and/or suggestive themes, however, it is not a porn dump, and it is only for members who are 18+.

Not X-rated! Please don't go overboard with sex jokes or offensive humor. Extreme NSFW links (porn, hentai, lolicon/shotacon, RL nudes) are not tolerated under any circumstances. Share those privately if they need be shared, and only with consenting adults. No ERP/erotica/cybersex is to be posted in FC chat, on the website or Discord, or anywhere public. We understand that mistells happen, but if it happens frequently, you will still be held accountable for the content of your mistells. Be careful with your posting! Lock the doors to your private chamber or private house if any adult-oriented conversation or role-play is happening. We also don't want to hear about your sex life, so please do not overshare.

No politics, religion, or controversial social issues are to be discussed in any FC related chat. Even if a conversation is civil so far, we will ask that you stop. If you wish to continue the conversation, you are more than welcome to do so in private. 

Keep things neat and readable! We understand that not everyone is proficient in English and that mistakes happen, but please make sure we can make sense of anything you post. Don't spam/flood chats. Please do not abuse @ everyone and @ here on Discord.

Communicate with the FC officers! We cannot read your mind! Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints. We cannot see everything (even if we are online, we may be busy, afk, or tabbed out). If an issue happens and is not addressed by us, it may be because we didn't see it rather than it was ignored/allowed, or we may just be dealing with the matter privately. Please contact us if there are any problems. Also, please take SCREENSHOTS if possible, or at the very least, save chat logs!

Keep us updated on your identity and plans! If you name change any of your characters, please let the leadership know immediately. If you remove your main character and plan to return briefly or plan to keep your alts still in the FC, please let us know before taking out your character, as we may assume you are leaving altogether if we don't hear from you shortly and remove you from Discord, etc. We do not allow "secret alts" within the FC. We can keep your alt on the down low, but we will not actively lie about or misrepresent your alt's identity to your FC mates or allow you to be deceptive.

Take initiative! If there is something you would like to see/do within the FC (an RP event, a PvE static, etc.), tell us! Someone may step up to the plate once the idea is out there, but if no one does, you could be the one to do just that! If you want something to happen, do not be afraid to make it happen. If you let us know, the leadership will do what we can to assist and support you. We do not have time to run every single group or event for the FC ourselves, but we can at least help, and we appreciate others stepping up to create content for the FC.

Chill and be yourself! Memes, jokes, and pop culture references are fun, but please don't go overboard. Spamming these or repeating them nonstop can be disruptive when A) others are trying to have an actual conversation in the same chat channel, or B) someone is trying to get to know the real you. Actually talking to others is a much better means of connecting with others than rehashing internet jokes.

FC chest and refunds. You are welcome to take anything you need from the FC chest, but please do not take anything just to sell it. If you take from the FC chest, please at some point in the future donate something near equal value to it. If you do not yet have withdrawal privileges from the chest, contact an FC leader if there is anything you need/want. Do not fill the FC chest with cheap items. Use the FC chest as your personal bank or to transfer items at your own risk--anything in the FC chest can be withdrawn by anyone else at any time. Gil and items that are deposited in the FC chest or donations that are made to the FC are non-refundable, as is the gil spent on your FC rooms and any furniture that is destroyed during removal or demolition.

FC Actions. FC actions are buffs that apply to all members of the FC for twenty-four (24) hours. We can have two actions active at a time. All members of the FC can activate FC actions. Please ask your fellow FC members what actions they would like and take their answers into consideration before you activate a buff. If there’s an action you’d like that isn’t currently purchased, let an FC officer know.

Age requirements? We have a hard age requirement of 16+, soft age requirement of 18+. We are looking for members who are 18 or older, but someone who is 16 or 17 years of age who exhibits maturity and the positive attitude we want in a member may be considered, as our FC does not actually engage in any 18+ content. Any minors in the FC will be expected to act in a way that is age appropriate (no ERP or sexual contact with others, no participation in anything NSFW, etc.). If you are an adult, please be aware that though it is rare we ever have a minor in the FC, it is possible. You should be aware of this possibility, if such a thing might make you uncomfortable.

Please think twice before leaving or potentially breaking an FC rule. If you choose to leave the FC or are removed, you will potentially no longer be allowed to take advantage of the benefits of our FC (private FC RP, FC house, Discord, etc.). If you were kicked, or left on bad terms, you may be removed from our Discord, denied rights to "visit," and even banned from public events if you have harassed anyone. We do not want to keep a revolving door, so if you leave the FC, you may not be allowed to reapply. 

Represent us well in the community! The FC rules loosely extend to the rest of your interactions in the XIV community (including but not limited to the RPC, tumblr, Facebook groups, official XIV forums, and Discord servers), and potentially anywhere you could be linked to us and/or seen by a member of the XIV community. Please be mature and respectful to all other players, role-players in particular, as role-play is important to our FC, even if you are not an RPer yourself. Do not run or stand between/on top of people who are role-playing and do not enter an off-limits area if there is an RP event happening (behind the bar at someone's tavern night event, on stage during someone's performance RP event, etc.). Be courteous to the people around you. Don't spam emotes or skills that are flashy or noisy near others, particularly those who are trying to RP, and do not spam emotes at anyone (even a friend) who is mid-RP. These things can be free of ill intent, but can still come off as "trolling" to strangers.

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No metagaming. Just because you know something doesn't mean your character knows, unless it was learned IC. Do not have your character use knowledge he or she shouldn't know. Do not use meta knowledge in extreme to change the flow of the RP for a desired outcome. 

Lore-bending accepted, lore-breaking forbidden. Do not directly go against the lore, and do not bend the lore and established laws of the FFXIV universe beyond belief or rational explanation. However, lore may be bent to an explainable and minimal degree for the sake of more engaging characters and storylines, or filling in gaps not currently covered by the game's lore. (That being said, don't be a "lore nazi" to anyone, either.) 

Type legibly and in posts that are easy to read. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone may not be on the same level of English proficiency. Please just do your best to type coherently and proofread before you post if needed. Para-RP is fine, but don't type long posts for the sake of making long posts (do not fill a post with pointless fluff). Try to avoid "purple prose" that doesn't make sense. 

No powerplaying. Your character cannot be flawless, cannot be perfect, cannot be "the best" at something, cannot be better than everyone around them at everything, cannot be significantly stronger than the average player character, and in general cannot be designed to be superior to other characters. Role-play is about the story, not about winning or losing, or being better than others. Characters should be well-rounded (no "Mary Sue's"), believable, and generally on the same level as the characters around them.

You are not your character. Do not take IC or OOC criticisms or reactions to your character personally. The same goes toward others--do not call someone mean or assume they are mean OOC because their character is mean to your character IC. On the flip side, do not use your RP character as a medium to take out OOC aggression on another player via their RP character. We have no tolerance for members who blur IC and OOC. It is strongly recommended that you do not play a "self-insert" character or base your RP character heavily on yourself if there is a chance you will have difficulty with any of this. Please use a third-person perspective rather than a first-person "I's" and "you's" in writing your RP posts, as the latter can make others uncomfortable. 

IC actions = IC consequences. Your character's actions may provoke a broad range of reactions from other characters. You should be prepared for this OOC. If you don't want your character to be received or reacted to in a certain way, then it is up to you to ensure that your character does not act in a way that will take him/her in that direction. 

Conflict is good in RP. Betrayal, violence, arguing, and struggles of life and death with others or the environment are likely to happen. You will need to be prepared for the potential of this OOC. Any "infighting" that may happen within FC RP is purely IC and should not divide the FC OOC. We expect our members to be mature enough to handle any IC strife without allowing it to upset and influence them OOC.

Ask consent. You should not attempt to have your character kill, make sexual advances toward (forcibly or otherwise, but especially forcibly), or permanently scar/maim another player character without first politely and privately contacting the other player to ask for their OOC consent. On the other hand, do not abuse this privilege by having your character frequently cheat death and injury. Respect this privilege by not putting your character in situations where she/he would logically be killed or wounded when you OOC will not permit it to happen. Be sure to also ask consent before making any RP post that may be upsetting to someone OOC (graphic violence, detailed torture scene, gratuitous gore, strong sexual implications, etc.). 

No Auto-hitting/God-modding. Your character should not make possibly unwanted physical contact (be it an attack, a kiss, etc.) with another character without first giving that character a chance to resist, dodge, or block the contact. Unless it's been specified otherwise OOC, leave it to the other player to decide whether the contact connects with their character. However, do not abuse this privilege. Your character should only avoid contact when it's feasible. If you and the other RPer cannot seem to be on the same page about what contact should or shouldn't connect or what actions are believable, find a compromise, such as choosing to roll dice for attacks.

Ignore "trolls." If you encounter anyone being disruptive to your RP, you may politely ask them to stop. If they refuse, we ask that you do not become rude to them or continue to respond to them. Responding and getting upset is only "feeding" them and fueling their bad behavior. Ignore them, report them if needed, and blacklist them if you would like. If you can get screenshots of the behavior, the FC leaders may be able to speak with the leadership of their FC to address the problem.

Do not disrupt RP events. If there is a planned RP event happening, whether it is an FC event or a server-wide RP event hosted by us or anyone else, please do not disrupt it. This is not limited just to OOC "trolling," but also IC disruptions such as your character attacking someone at the event or becoming fatally ill or stealing something etc.(unless you have the event host's permission beforehand), and by pestering the event staff/hosts OOC with questions or comments that could wait until later. Please take into consideration scheduled FC events when finding a time for your own events/RP. Do not use the linkpearl to try to draw characters to your RP if an FC RP event is in progress (i.e. do not have your character be kidnapped and call for help over the linkpearl during the middle of an IC FC meeting) unless you have gotten permission from the FC leadership beforehand. 

Retcon when necessary, avoid it otherwise. It will be your responsibility when you retcon to inform the FC about the details of your retcon such as what is now canon or noncanon. This includes fantasias with any drastic appearance changes and IC name or race changes. 

Please have a good reason for IC sex/race/appearance changes. Only make fantasia usage IC when necessary and do it sparingly, if not avoid it entirely. "Someone poured a fantasia into my glass at the Quicksand" is not an accepted reason.

ERP is only to be done in private with consenting adults. Do not ERP with anyone who you are not absolutely certain is 18+ OOC. If you are a minor, you will be expected not to engage in any ERP at all. Do not make erotic posts toward anyone who has not given their consent to ERP. Do not try to coerce, force, or guilt others into ERP or sexual contact with your character, or solicit strangers randomly for ERP. Do not ERP in public channels; any ERP should happen discretely and privately (this includes not having your avatars sitting scantly clad on top of each other in a public location). Mistells happen, but if it happens repeatedly, you will be held responsible for the content of your mistells. Please post responsibly. Lock the door to your private chambers or personal house if any RP of a sexual nature is happening.

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Please try to speak/set your mic at an adequate volume. We don't want to strain to hear you, or have you hurt our ears! 

Please use push-to-talk if possible. If you cannot use push-to-talk, please adjust your mic sensitivity so it is only activating when you are speaking and not picking up background noise or other sounds. If background noise becomes an issue, we will disable the use of open mics.

Please try to minimize potential background noise as much as you can. Even if you are using push-to-talk. Your music may be cool, but we don't wanna hear it every time you talk! 

Please try not to talk over others or interrupt. Sometimes it happens, but please be mindful! If there are two separate conversations going on that are interrupting each other, one party should consider changing voice channels. 

Please give others a chance to talk. Try to refrain from any long, rambling speech or constant interjections that don't allow others the chance to talk. 

No yelling or "raging!" Exclamations are okay, we just don't want to hear you screaming about a dungeon wipe or taking a hostile tone with other FC members. 

Please select a nickname that your FC mates will recognize. You can change your nickname in Discord specifically for each server. Users with names we cannot identify may be removed from the server. 

Please do not disable @everyone and @here. We use these for important announcements such upcoming events, polls, and changes to our rules. We try not to overuse them and we also do not allow our members to use them needlessly. 

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Insubordinance will not be tolerated. Breaking any rule can result in removal from the FC, sometimes even immediate and without warning if rules have been broken repeatedly or with enough severity. These rules apply to anything/anywhere FC related, and extend to your interactions outside of the FC in the XIV RP community. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the rules, please contact me. If you believe an FC member may be breaking the rules, please privately alert an FC leader as soon as possible. Please take SCREENSHOTS if possible, or at the very least, save chat logs! You are expected to read and understand these rules before applying to the FC. Joining the FC will be considered as you consenting to these rules regardless of whether you did read or properly understand them, so please ask if you are uncertain on anything.

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