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The Tradepost Yet Lives!

Nüür Khuudas


☼ Khuudas Tradepost 2.0


You read correctly. After an In-Character development, the tradepost will remain in the Mist while the homestead of the tribe will continue the move to the Steppe. How is that going to work, you might ask? Simple. A property in the Mist has been acquired (thank you Yesui and Khal) and will mirror the Khuudas tradepost on a smaller scale. As before, it will serve as a waypoint for the wayward and a shelter for family members that may not be joining the homestead in the Steppe right away. 


Who's going to look after the 'post? Our Zövlökh Yesulun, of course! She will serve as a bridge between those settling in the Steppe and those that still have matters to mind in Eorzea, ensuring the family remains connected regardless of the distance. 


There will be an IC event (TBD) regarding this addition as well as a formal headcount for who is going and who is staying.


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