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Inside the Sanatorium

Suna Delre


What can be found in the Lavender Sanatorium:


Technology and Engineering

Surgical applications






Trade and Commerce


Investments and Billing

Combat Medics



For more information Contact one of its Board Members or one of the officers listed below. 


Board Members: 


Head of Medical and Alchemy: Suna Delre is the head of this department. She will oversee the Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, and alchemy lab.


Head of Security: Muro Khan is the head of this branch and will ensure the safety of the hospital and its employees. This department should be alerted by the employees for any inbound patients and outgoing employees. Security may be assigned to accompany any missions outside the hospital if they are deemed unsafe.


Head of Procurement and Trade: Pelhi Mewrilah is the head of this branch, ensuring that items are delivered to and from the hospital. Pelhi and crew will also be in charge of securing any items needed while out in the field that the hospital may need or want for projects or cures.


Head of Invests and billing: C'tadhara Kett is head of this branch. She and her team will deal with the hospital finances, and gain and keep willing investors. She and her team also will be in charge of billing for the hospital. 


Head of Technology and Hospital Maintenance: Ashura Beuex is the head of this department. He and his crew will not only be in charge of the upkeep of the hospital, but he will also be in charge of the creation of various things that are needed or requested for the hospital.


Head of Nursing: Khulana Akibara - She will be in charge of the hiring of the nurses within the hospital and creating work schedules for each nurse under her. They will be responsible for admitting the patients and prepping them for the doctor. They will also assist the doctors with regards to medical procedures.



Oai Himura: Alchemy Department Manager - Watches over the lab and employees of the lab when Suna Delre is not able to do so. Will also be able to tell others what projects to work on and can bring in their own projects.


Ravaen Blutsinger: Personal Adviser and Mental Health Managment.




Health Care offered: 


Surgery: We offer an innovative way of surgical applications as well as traditional. If you can not specify, and no one is there to specify, it will be left up to the healer or Surgeon on duty.


Alchemic Applications: We offer a wide range of various potions to aid in healing, regaining Aether, even enhancing various traits. 


Aetheric Healing: We offer this to those wishing to be in and out of the hospital or for those on death's door. We will first ask if you have the patience to let your body heal on its own. As the best

way to heal is naturally.


Rehabilitation: This will require either a stay at the hospital or for you to return for a set amount of days. Everyone who needs Rehabilitation will have to be seen by a doctor to determine how long and what sort of Rehab will be required. (We also offer drug rehabilitation.)


Insurance packages:


(IC only, we are not asking for people to actually pay this.)


Single Person: 


For general Healthcare, which includes minor wounds and some medications: 100,000 a Year.


To add Surgical, and stays within the recovery room, as well as food, medication: 200,000 a year


Company Rate: 


General Health Care for fifty or more people. This includes medication and treatment of minor wounds:  1,000,000 a year.


To add Surgical, which includes the stay in the recovery room as well as meals and medications: 2,000,000 a year.


The rates for companies may change depending on how many the leader wishes to cover. 


If you do not have insurance upon arriving, you may buy into it to cover your stay. If you do not wish to buy insurance, be aware the rates may vary depending on the medical situation.


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