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Ebonguard Scenario Update: It Cometh



Recently, I made a fresh Google Calendar for Ebonguard to keep track of events, located here! And to go along with that, I did a few things.


Obviously, the days that The Cloak & Dagger will be open are on the calendar (they are scheduled out until August). I also have some OOC things planned on the Saturdays preceding The Cloak & Dagger's open nights: April 7 will be maps, for example, and on May 19 I'm going to stream a movie for whoever wants to come along and watch!


In addition, however, I picked out some days to run events relating to Ebonguard's story! The last time we had a scenario event planned was all the way back last year, and it was just a heist. But now that I've stretched my storytelling/DM legs with my FC's scenario (and the current arc is also drawing to a close; the next arc is already somewhat planned and won't be as intense), I've shifted my focus to Ebonguard. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while, but I wanted to get The Cloak & Dagger up and running first so that Ebonguard would have a sort of "headquarters" to operate out of. (Dingy back-alleys or dusty refugee camps totally cramp Crow's style.)


The first Scenario event is on Sunday, April 22! It's entitled "The Wolf on the Sapphire Avenue Exchange." Whether the movie that this title references is relevant or not is yet to be decided, and even if it is... No spoilers! It's going to be the beginning of a con-style plotline a la Leverage, though I plan on it evolving into criminal intrigue. While I have some NPCs lined up and my NPC-writing capabilities are generally pretty strong (especially if I manage to grab a co-DM for later events!), players who want to get in on the action of supporting an opposing faction to Ebonguard are more than welcome to do so, and I think it would be really interesting. That said, the primary drive of the plot will likely be handled by me and, if I'm lucky, another DM who can help out from time to time.


Hopefully attending members enjoy themselves and come out for future events! Writing stories is something that I enjoy doing, and I always envisioned Ebonguard as a more story-driven IC linkshell, hence why I wrote lore for it.


As an aside: a little-known and littler-utilized fact about Ebonguard is that it's been my personal policy from the beginning to encourage people to use Ebonguard as a vehicle to further their character/group plots or even as a way to experiment with their own style of telling stories, either organically or from a pre-planned standpoint. So if any member of the LS wants to run something of their own or use the LS as a vehicle to advance their personal plots: they're 100% free to do so! Hell, if I'm asked, then I'd probably even lend a hand assuming I'm not bogged down in something else. The more you know!


Until next time!

The Great and Illustrious Crow


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