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General Information

What is an Onsen or Sento?:
An Onsen or Sento is an outdoor or indoor hotspring often attached to a Ryokan; an bed and breakfast inn. Guests may take use of either public or private bathing within the facility. Onsen are traditionally outdoor hotsprings while Sento are indoor hotsprings. Both are a place of social enjoyment where people come to relax and heal. Please consider all rules when visiting Uranami Onsen. We hope you enjoy your stay and our amenities.

General Sign In: When attending to Uranami Onsen, please check in with the front desk for instructions and to receive your bathing towels. There is no limit of time spent in the public bath. Our resident namazu staff can easily inform you of our rules and assist you where you may need assistance.

Reservation Sign In:  Please sign in at the front desk for access to the wellness room or private sento rooms, these may be booked for one (1) hour slots and are first come first serve. (Excel sheet can be found here:  http://bit.ly/UOSign)

*Please be aware it is up to Staff/Officers whether or not these times are available. These may be overruled due to the fact folks might not be around.

Hours: Sunrise til Midnight
6 Days a week. Closed Lightsday-Firesday *(Monday due to typical Server Maintenance. According to XIV Lore; there are 8 days in a week.)

General Public Use: 3000g. Unlimited Time.  Includes one (1) beverage & one (1) meal.
Private Onsen Use: Discussed individually based on time
*Please note that when there is no Player-Staff around PCs are not expected to pay OOCly. Infact there will be no OOC handling of gil, only IC transactions. If you really wish to tip us you are welcome to do so.

Suggested Use:  After washing, we first suggest that guests enjoy a time in our hot-wood sauna, applying a salt scrub that is provided to your skin. Once you are finished take some time within our cold spa, enjoying the cold dynamic. After you have relaxed within our cold spa finish off with a long soak in our hot spring!

Bath Temperatures:  Our dry Sauna is set at 284°C (140°F). Our Hot baths range from 34°C - 41°C (100-110°F) Our cool/cold baths range from 20°c-30°c (68°-86°F)


Salt: There is salt provided to you to apply to your skin when enjoying our sauna room.

Water & Tea: Water and Tea are provided to you at no additional charge. Please enjoy and stay hydrated.  Please dispose of cups after use.


**ALL PHOTOS represented here are royalty free stock images.


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