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Of Lore Seekers and Ascians

Nisah Liseh


The researcher Nisah plasters advertisements wherever she can for assistance in solving a string of thefts involving irreplaceable relics. The advertisements gather many interested in helping for either profit or personal reasons. All interested meet at a tavern when Nisah is waiting, and discuss their interest and what the job might entail. After agreements, and a few drinks... a down payment is given to those who agree to help, and well as a linkshell, and our story begins.


The next time the group meets is again in a tavern, though in a different area then last time. The group sits down to discuss their next move... though, they are interrupted by even more people wanting in on the job, and the group grows even larger still. The group discusses about the possibility of luring out the thieves, and finding the answer that way. They agree, and assign various roles to the crew, gathering a caravan and supplies for a proper facade... They then decide on what day to follow through with their plan, and the group parts again for the time being, each member making their according preparations.


Finally the day came. And the plan was put into action. The group met at Mor Dhona, then proceeded to their rented caravan, glamoured to look much more valuable of course. However, the group had ended up agreeing, only using fake supplies could end up having the plan go sour. So they did mix in some actual valuable items to entice their unwelcome friends even further. While walking down the road, the group posed as guards or merchants of the caravan... and sure enough, the plan lured out the thieves! However, they were surrounded! The group prepared for battle, and while it was a bit back and forth, finally the tide began to turn in the groups favor! But then... things changed. The one Pugilist had been suspicious from the beginning, but their attacks didn't seem to injure him yet... they slowly did break something. His glamour. The petty thief was much much more than a petty thief in truth, but a powerful Ascian! The group's leader, Nisah, quickly ordered the group to flee... but some were cornered, and had to fight their way past. However the Ascian was charging some sort of dark spell, and Wes leaped into action! In a flash of darkness the Ascian was gone... but they had grabbed Wes to bring along for the ride. The group was devastated at their loss... not sure what to do next...


The group eventually retreated to Mor Dhona, though tired and upset at what had happened. Nisah collapsed to the ground saying that there was no obligation for the group to help further, but if they did she would surely pay them. Most of the group agreed quickly to continue helping, but others were not so eager... Eventually, when Nisah calmed, they arrived at a Tavern in Mor Dhona, and began discussing who was staying on for the ride, and who was not. And what they were going to do next.... However they weren't alone and were approached by strangers overhearing the mention of Ascians. And while the group at first didn't trust them... eventually with the strangers explanation, they group agreed for the strangers to join them, and the group had grown yet again. Eventually agreeing to continue their plans soon, the group split apart for some well deserved rest.


With a plan the put together the night before and a fierce determination, Nisah, Ever'ard, and Briaya traveled to the location that Wes sent them with the destruction of his linkpearl. Briaya had paid off Aro and Chakha to aid in the rescue and the three of them set bombs inside the bandit base, luring the majority of them into their trap with help from Nisah's Ruby Carbuncle. They valiantly fought off what forces remained, some sustaining injuries, and managed to capture the bandit boss alive. They found Wes, beaten up and tired and took him to Camp Drybone to recover. The prisoner was taken to Mor Dhona where he awaited trial for his crimes.





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