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Kaori Miyoku


Entry One...Back home


I forgot how calming it can be to write ones thoughts down with quill and paper. Something to keep my thoughts contained and gathered so they do not overwhelm.  I returned to my company today after a few days away in the desert.That time...I will not speak on. That was a training session, something to strengthen my mind once again.  The Kami speak once again, my stone letting me hear the ancestors stored within.  Their guidance has been cruicial. 


Everyone is still seeing me as weak however...weak or unprepared.  Saying I underestimate myself, but...all I want is a job.  Something to do.  The forge can keep me busy, but I did not spend that time honing my skills with my blade to simply sit on my haunches.  I suppose only time will tell if the difference is seen in myself.  I just wish the child gloves would come off as someone told me.  I am not a child anymore...and I do not need them handholding me.  I left Doma to be free.  Despite my parents plans for that freedom, I have found it. I will bide my time..and hope that eventually they allow me the chance to prove myself.







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