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The Warden's Reliquary is an Out of Character linkshell dedicated to forging long-lasting OOC & IC contacts within the confines of the traditional Seeker of the Sun role-play theme. The general rule of thumb is to keep it tribal-related. We also welcome miqo'te characters that are:

☼ Exiled from their tribe.
☼ Keeper and Seeker mixed.
☼ Interested in exploring their heritage and/or tribal life.
☼ Have tribal roots. (Example: Raised tribal, now a city miqo'te.) 


In order to join the linkshell, you have several options, all of which are detailed in this thread here.


A an ever-evolving work in progress, our role-play primer might also offer some advice and tips for those who are new to tribal role-play or need brushing up after joining.


NOTICE: The Temple of Azeyma associated with the linkshell was relocated during the last housing ward drop. It is not open to the public quite yet! Please be patient.








ωнαт ωε εxρεcт



Ⅰ.  You and your character must be over the age of eighteen.

  • No underage.
  • No exceptions.



Ⅱ.   This is not a safe space. 

  • This rule does not give you a free pass to treat other members cruelly. We require basic human decency.
  • Swearing is allowed in our linkshell and Discord to a moderate degree. This mention is merely a courtesy that some members do swear.
  • Seeker of the Sun society has numerous topics that can be downright explicit or gut wrenchingly violent. We expect you to compose yourself with a certain level of maturity when these topics are broached, despite the general tomfoolery and joking around of the linkshell.



Ⅲ.  We expect a reasonable level of participation.

  • The staff will perform inactivity purges each week or every few weeks. If you feel that you were purged due to an error please contact myself or a mentor.
  • You are welcome to bring guests to linkshell events! In fact, you are very welcome to. Please don't bring someone until you have informed X'shah or J'tehn. If those two are unavailable, please contact another mentor.
  • We understand that certain individuals might be hesitant to jump in or timid about being a newcomer—we ask that you are mindful of this rule—and please show initiative or seek out a mentor (or the admin herself) to help ingratiate you or strike up one-on-one role-play as baby steps.
  • If the other player is carrying the conversation IC and you are contributing little, this linkshell is not a fit for you.
  • If you can't be bothered with standard punctuation and capitalization while role-playing, this linkshell is not a fit for you. (I don't care about how you type when not role-playing.)
  • Do your very best to employ proper spelling while role-playing so that people take you seriously. Deploy a tool like http://www.rptoolbox.site/ if necessary and you know you aren't the best speller. If you are unwilling to meet us halfway and at least try, this linkshell is not a fit for you.




Ⅳ.  This is not Party Grindr.

We don't care if our members ERP. It happens. People are free to do as they like. However:

  • This linkshell is not a fit for ERP-centric characters.
  • This linkshell doesn't exist for your character to score tail or find a romantic relationship. 
  • If you unironically call your character a futa, shemale, trap, loli, c*ntboy, or d*ckgirl this linkshell is not a fit for you. 
  • You are welcome to opt-in and utilize our affectionately nicknamed "#degeneracy" channel in the Discord to discuss sexuality and adult topics.
  • If you advertise to the world in your search info that you are on the prowl for ERP (ex: listing f-list by putting /c/ in there, using sexually charged wording like "busty")  this linkshell is not a fit for you. It's fine if you have listed something like "M/E/RP" but that's pushing it as it is.




Ⅴ.   No poaching.

  • Feel free to announce events that you, your linkshell, your friends, or your FC are hosting. Please ensure that tribal Seeker of the Sun can comfortably attend.
  • If we notice that you are not participating in the community and are using it purely as an advertisement venue you will be removed.
  • This linkshell is not intended for recruiting purposes.




Ⅵ.  We are lore-bending, not lore-breaking.

  • No half voidsents. No half succubi. 
  • No tempered or those that can temper.
  • The echo is fine to a reasonable extent.
  • No female Nunh. No female model Nunh.
  • Voidsent beings, black magic, white magic will not be treated lightly and should be reacted to in accordance with lore.
  • No halfbreeds. Keeper & Seeker mix is fine. Highlander and miqo'te/Au Ra and miqo'te et cetera is not. 
  • We discourage our members from promoting certain stigmatizing stereotypes involving Seeker of the Sun. Please refrain from "abusive nunh" backstories, nunh utilizing independent Seeker women as property and other related tropes.




A word on moderation style: this is a hobby. This is not a job. We aren't going to talk to you like we are robots, we'll level with you human-to-human. X'shah's (the linkshell administrator) personal moderation style, unless the offense is severe, is to lightheartedly ask that you stop the behavior. Attempting to engage in an argument with a staff member will be flat out ignored. Follow the rules. If you feel like a mentor has treated you unfairly or you take issue with a rule, approach X'shah and speak with her.











☼·.·´¯`·.·☼ ωнαт ωε σғғεя ☼·.·´¯`·.·☼


Whether you are a fresh-faced arrival to tribal role-play or a veteran well-versed in Sunseeker lore—you are welcome among us! You can expect the following available as tools to foster role-play within the community.



  • We have a very friendly core of regulars and staff always willing to answer questions that you may have involving lore so you feel confident about delving into role-play. Within our Discord you will find the ever-useful #lore-discussion channel.


  • You are free to utilize the in-game linkshell or the #LF-RP channel in our Discord as tools to strike up role-play.


  • You are free to ask questions about general gameplay and seek assistance with FFXIV in general.


  • You are welcome to ask players if they will help you run content or even if they are interested in joining you in other games. This is a community and we encourage community members to bond.


  • You are welcome to host meetups of your own after you have established yourself within the community. You will have the support of the staff and we will make announcements for you if necessary.


  • We host weekly meetups and plan on putting forward a monthly trading fair in the near future.


  • This linkshell is full of a relaxed bunch that just want to post fat cats and weird memes. This is a hobby, after all!












All of the above rules apply to the community Discord. We ask that if you and other members of the Discord recognize that you are participating in a topic that is particularly spammy then please move it to the #general channel of the Discord. This is as a courtesy to other plays so their chat logs aren't over inundated by clutter.
Of note are the various Discord roles. Aside from the administrator and mentors, every role has the same level of permissions. They are not permissions related. Each role is to indicate what type of character you play so that other members will have an idea of what they are getting when you respond to their advertisements or when you seek them out for role-play. For the most part, these roles are pretty self-explanatory. The roles in the Discord are:
Huntress: This role indicates that their character follows traditional Seeker of the Sun lore and is a female.
Tia: This role is designated for traditional Seeker of the Sun males, as per lore, they have one of two available titles.
Nunh: This role indicates that their character is the breeding male of their particular character's sect/clan/family/sept/breeding group.
Independent: A "catch all" role for all else. Perhaps their character is an adventurer who doesn't enter the city often or they were exiled from their family. 
City-slicker: This is the role given to characters that left their tribe behind or were never apart of one to begin with. These are characters that live in or prefer the city.
Mentor: This position is essentially a "junior moderator." These individuals are pillars of the LS. They assist in helping players out, host events, and generally whip up activity.

#role-assignment: Assign yourself your correct character role and opt in and out of channels here.

#party-finder: Looking for RP or want to run PVE or PVP content in-game? Post advertisements here.

#general: A place for a wide variety of topics.

#lore-discussion: FFXIV lore discussion channel.

#feedback: A place for community members to offer suggestions that they feel will improve the community overall. You are welcome to voice your opinion on community events, the setup of the Discord, as well as the setup of the linkshell. You are also welcome to give shout outs to players that you have been role-playing with to encourage good will.

#q-and-a: A channel for asking questions and receiving help so your requests aren't lost in general chatter.









The following is a list of opt-in only channels that you join with a command. A list of commands are pinned in the #general channel.
#events: You're going to get ALL the @here and @everyone and @events pings in here. This is an opt-in channel for people who want ALL the events announcements.
#bot: A channel where you can interact with our Azeyma bot. Its purpose is to keep #general free of command clutter.
#spoilers: Mostly Final Fantasy related. While rare, there has been times when other forms of entertainment or games were discussed.
#degeneracy: This channel plays host to NSFW content such as discussion, gifs, and images. It's also a catch-all for memes that are risque or centered around dark humor. Make sure you follow the guidelines of the channel listed in the description. No personal pictures in this channel.
#the-salt-mines: A venue for members to vent about real life problems, in-game problems, issues they are facing, or just to let off steam. Be mindful that not all members are looking for advice or suggestions. It might prove best to get a general idea of what they're looking for as they vent over time. This is also not a place to preach or attempt to strongarm other members into your viewpoint. This is not a debate linkshell. The staff have no desire to moderate debates. If you are caught copying and pasting or relaying what members are venting about to others outside of the linkshell you will be removed immediately. This is as close to a "safe space" there is in this linkshell.


ín thє wσrk
  • Tribal role-play primer.
  • Monthly trade fair events.
  • The Temple of Azeyma re-opening.
  • Tribal Frequently Asked Questions page.