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<<The Iron Devils, officially a mercenary company under the employ of the Grand Companies of Eorzea and Doma, is said to be nothing more than a banner for criminals and thugs to hide behind. None will deny that they've spilled their fair share of Garlean and Beastmen blood, but there always seem to be "mishaps" or inventory gone missing. Some even say that they use their mercenary status to haul illicit goods back and forth between the East and West, some even claim that they've borne witness to the Devils selling folk to the Beastmen, but of course - it's all hearsay when none are willing or able to testify.>> The Iron Devils is a new Rank 8 Heavy RP FC on Zalera. We welcome new and experienced players alike. Due to the mature and graphic nature of crime-based RP, all members must be at least 18 years old to join. As mentioned before, we're a starting FC with no house as of yet, but one can look forward to a myriad of benefits, as the FC has been ranked to 8. Dual bonuses will run 24/7, as an omni-crafter I can offer help in obtaining gear, dyes, glamours, etc. for free or at cost. We will host a number of various in-game events and hold contests, such as weekly FFA treasure hunts, RP events and missions, writing and art contests and so much more! While we do not yet have a house, I am saving gil like a crazy person (as stated above, I am an omnicrafter.), so the moment we can afford a great big place to call home, we'll have one! (Plus it'll be great fun in RPing the house warming, etc.) Hopefully, I've piqued your interest and you're willing to at least give this carrd thing a bit of a look over and join us should you decide we are a good fit. Thank you!





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Mercenaries, Criminal Activity


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