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About This Club

The Luna Wolves is a newly founded Free Company formed by a handful of compatriots looking to share their ballads of adventure with fellow Eorzeans. We are an active guild that welcomes all walks of life on Hydaelyn. Our goal is to create a fun yet immersive roleplay experience for those looking to scratch that adventurous mercenary itch while also providing more casual roleplay experiences through our basement venue. As the story goes, the Luna Wolves are a recently established band of free blades looking to make a name for themselves in Eorzea during this tumultuous time of war. Operating in the more neglected areas of Aldenard, the Maelstrom-allied Free Company fully expects to coast through the war making profit and collecting renown by stomping out opportunistic bandits and dealing with dissident defectors away from the front lines, but who knows what awaits in the wake of such conflict. The seeds of chaos are free to grow without the watchful eyes of the Grand Companies keeping them in check, after all.





Group Type

Free Company

RP Intensity


Adventuring Mercenaries


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