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Event 1-0, From Humble Beginnings


Yayonzo Poponzo

Event details

At last, Yayonzo has assembled a small group of adventurers to join him on his new venture. With a brand new base of operations and a crew of people ready to open a new chapter in their lives, Yayonzo calls for a meeting to bring everyone together and go more into detail about what lies ahead for the Rosewood Coterie. He hopes that the meeting will bring the crew closer together, and properly prepare them for their first official task as a team. Here, proper accommodations will be made for those who need it, and any lingering questions the adventurers may have will be answered.


This will serve as a relaxed, more casual night of RP as we start to get the FC rolling! No character sheets or dice rolling just yet, just some character introductions to get the ball rolling as we start to approach our first delivery. This event will take place entirely at our brand new FC house!

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