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Event 1-1, Putting the Wheels in Motion


Yayonzo Poponzo

Event details

Now that most of the crew as been acquaintanced, the time has finally come for their first official mission as a team. It's been a few weeks since Yayonzo, Sasori, and Emma met up to discuss the ins and outs of the job, and roughly a week and a half since Aveline and Gilmina were added to the Coterie's roster. Since then, everyone has been handling menial deliveries around the area to get them used to the idea of handling mail. Nothing, up until this point, has been risky or dangerous in any way.

Yayonzo feels the time has come to gather the troops and set out on their first major delivery. The recipient is a resident of the South Shroud's Quarrymill, and thus, the party will need to travel quite a bit farther than usual in order to complete the task at hand. It's a simple job that the crew should be more than capable of handling, so long as the path stays clear and any unexpected danger stays far away from the new band of adventurers. In theory, it should be a breeze...

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