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Quicksand Sundays


Event details

Every Sunday on Omega, RP can be found at Ul'dah's local Adventurers' Guild. This gives characters a chance to unwind and interact after, or even before, a hard day's work in the Hydaelyn lifestyle.


What is an "Adventurers' Guild"? It's a place where adventurers gather to find work, offer work, drink, eat, sleep, socialise, play cards, play music. There's a ton of activities players can create! There's more than one guild, too. Limsa Lominsa has one, and Gridania has one. But is it only for adventurers? Nonsense. It's just a reliable source of income for them. Anyone is welcome there, really.


There is also the chance other event creators might use the hub to host their own thing, which is totally fine! The intent for this event is to let players know there is a place to RP, meaning you don't always need the host to be there. It's a public place, just turn up!

And if you're feeling peckish, volunteer to take people on leves or hunts, form a group of friends and go on an adventure.

So come on down to Omega's open world hub, The Quicksand!

Players usually start gathering around 7:00PM server time, though they are all free to RP there any time or day of the week. Don't forget to slap on your RP tag (/roleplaying) so players know you are in character and approachable!

((Previously, The Drowning Wench in Limsa was the weekly Sunday event. After doing a strawpoll, many favoured the Quicksand as the place to go, since many players from other servers are used to it being the go-to-hub. Hopefully this can also become the main hub.))

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