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Sri Lakshmi Night





Lonely during the Season of Love? The Bandee Pakshee’s first Lakshmi Night is the place to be! While House Valentione fills the realm’s happy copules with joy, the Bandee Pakshee is there to soothe the restless singles. Of course, we celebrate couples as well, with performances to light fires in your relationship!

Lakshmi Nights are Bandee Pakshee’s new quarterly adults-only entertainment events. This month, we’ll be scintillating and sinning with a sizzling burlesque performance featuring Pakshee’s top entertainers and partners. 

So celebrate love with a little of Lakshmi’s lust.

Who: The Bandee Pakshee, the lovers and the lonesome
What: House Valentione’s Lakshmi Night
Where: The Brimming Heart - Goblet 10-19 on Balmung
When: Feburary 18th at 8PM Eastern

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