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The Burly Barnacle


Berrod Armstrong

This event began 02/28/18 and repeats every week on Wednesday forever

The Burly Barnacle is a traditional sailor tavern opening in the goblet. The proprietor, Logan Whytewood, is a retired Maelstrom galley chef who found himself working in Thanalan and missing the taverns of La Noscea. He’s bringing the sailor experience to the desert for those who seek the smokey, dim bar to toss back a few tankards while listening to sea shanties. 


"Yer favorite sailors down at The Burly Barnacle are waitin’ fer ya. Bring a mate or make some new ones at the bar! As long as ya keep drinkin’ we keep the lanterns lit. Stage is open fer any aspirin’ bards or other performers."

Balmung, The Goblet Ward 12, Plot 33



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