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[2pm ST] From Goblet to Gridania and back again.


Event details

A nice piece of parchment was placed on the notice board within the kitchen/worker's lounge. It was written in Bell's own handwriting and had the official carbuncle logo on it.


From Goblet to Gridania and back again

It's that time of the year, where we go to Gridania to pick up some wine and tobacco. This year i will offer up to 3 people to come along. Please note that the traveling will highly not be safe, even with mercenary protection. There are monsters and bandits. If you are interested, please bring your packing and weapons tomorrow morning as we travel to Grindania. Ausos will be boss while we are all gone. - Bell


OOC: We won't RP traveling to Gridania, but we will be RPing transporting the wares back to the Goblet. Please note however, that we are traveling to Gridania tomorrow morning, so your characters will be away from then to we get back home. We are teaming up with a mercenary LS that will act as guard and protection along the travels. While we can still join the combat, i ask you to let them have their space, as that is the main priority for their RP in this event and we don't want to take that away from them. We are there to act as the people who needs the protection. I can promise that there will be monster and bandit encounters along the way.


Time and place: Gridania Main Aetherythe Saturday 5th, 2pm Servertime.


This event is TDC members exclusive


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