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Lucky Sevens Presents! Open RP Night

Rei Host
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Carrie Dare will providing her residence tomorrow Sunday July 1st for two hours starting at 10PM EST for our OPEN RP NIGHT.


Marvel at her glorious stage, glorious I say! Perhaps you could dance upon it or raid the fine bar in the backdrop of the grand theatre to which the story of your night is set! Do you wish to sit your butt upon things? Worry not Carrie welcomes your butts to lounge in her first floor lobby where there are plenty of butt sitting surfaces to be shared. But yet, you are hungry, you hunger for more, more, more! Well that’s just fine because you can fill your ravenous bellies on the top floor and enjoy the grand spectacular of the cafe awaiting with food so great it could blow your face off! Stuff your mouth holes with delicious delicacy and prepare your rear ends because life is about to get classy at Carrie Dares homestead nestled all cozy like in the Lavender Beds, Ward 4, Plot 30.


Open RP night hosted by our very own member, the first ever! Don’t miss it, oh and also, don’t show up to the casino, the doors will be locked and wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

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