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Takakamo Onsen and Tea House Grand Opening

Takakamo Onsen and Tea House is having its Grand Opening!


Tomorrow, September 16th, beginning at Noon PST, the Onsen and Tea House will be officially opening its doors to patrons in Ward 3 at Plot 32 in Shirogane.


The location features an extensive bathhouse with two outdoor baths, hidden in a woodsy little nook, offering guests natural cover while the relax. Inside, visitors can find four large baths, two on the ground floor and two on the bottom floor. For those coming unprepared for bathing, there is a changing room just inside to the left.


Furthermore, downstairs also features a wide selection of fresh teas, grown on the premises for purchase. 


If you drop by, be sure to sign the guestbook!





For a little bit of further OOC information, this is a small bathhouse run by myself almost exclusively, out of my private cottage. If anyone would like to work IC at the bathhouse, feel free to let me know! I will be around for the vast majority of the day tomorrow, and hope to see some visitors. However, after the opening tomorrow, anyone and everyone is free to use the space and come and go as they like - it is meant to be a free RP area after all!


Hope to see you there! 

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