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The 7s Deadly Sins Fashion Show

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The 7s Deadly Sins Fashion Show

Lucky Sevens and Original Sins Presents! A Collaborative Role-Play event!

Hyperion Fashion Show 2018 October 5 - 9 PM Eastern - Shirogane Ward 2, Plot 46

A joint venture between Lucky Sevens and Original Sins, a once in a lifetime event unlike any other. Two established Free Companies have joined forces to entertain the masses, to bring you a fashion show with a twist.

<7777> and <SIN> bring you a fashion extravaganza with the biggest prizes on Hyperion!

Up to 15 models will be chosen, each to depict their chosen glamours representing all seven deadly sins. Outfits will be scored by our panel of judges. Apply today by contacting: Raven#6840 or lyn#6584.

  • Lust - What can you wear to make others lose all sense of reason and chase after you? The naughtier the better of course. ;)

  • Envy - There are so many famous NPCs in games who can be recognized in a glance. Can you emulate them to perfection? Make them jealous if they saw you wear their outfit, but better?

  • Greed - Can you show the audience your love of wealth and the finer things in life? That style and fashion sense that tells people "I have more than you and we both know it".

  • Wrath - Do your best to embody rage and make the audience fear your presence.

  • Pride - Your pride centers around your appearance. How you look and how you carry yourself. Show them how regal and proud you can truly be.

  • Gluttony - When you have too much to wear but need to look amazing what do you do? Show us how much you hoard your glamours. Show us just how much you can fit on your body.

  • Sloth - Life is such a struggle isn’t it? Why bother putting your time and energy into your outfit what can you wear what truly demonstrates just how lazy you are.

Lucky Sevens Casino and Gentlemen’s Club--Where Role Play is the Biggest Jackpot!
Art and design by Corvid Snare, check out her work at https://corvidsnare.tumblr.com/



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