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[Hyperion] Tepe's Treasures Presents: RP! In a Brothel Setting!


This event began 10/12/18 and repeats every week on Thursday and Saturday for 8 occurrences

Hey there everyone! So the thing is we don't really have a name for our regularly broadcasted RP events. We've been doing it for goodness four years now but we still just call it "Being open."


So here's the deal, we are definitely an adult oriented RP community. I don't know if there is like a tag I can put designating 18+ but it definitely is targeted towards that demographic. (But not necessarily ERP as a mandatory thing; we're just catering to an adult group, and have an adult setting.)


During our open service we've got two primary focuses!


#1 is to encourage people to come on in, get to know one another, share stories, and get your delicious slice of life RP going on!


#2 Is well... what you'd expect from a group that takes place in a brothel.


However I understand that some people want 100% of 1 and none of 2, that's completely fine! Alternatively some people want some of 2... and that's something to be discussed in a completely different platform at a completely different time! For now just keep us in mind, swing by if ever you get bored or wanna see what we have to offer!


We are located at the Mist Ward 5 Plot 35!

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