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Lucky Sevens Presents! Up All Year to Get Lucky!


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Up All Year to Get Lucky!

Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen’s Club Presents! A special Anniversary Role-Play event! 

 Hyperion Dating Show 2019 When? April 21 10PM-Midnight Where? Hyperion, Mist - Ward 15, Plot 45

525,600 minutes… One year ago the Lucky Sevens Casino & Gentlemen’s Club threw open its doors for the very first time, changing the landscape of role-playing on the legacy server forever. With organized events three times a week in game, huge seasonal extravaganzas and more fun to be had in discord, we’ve quickly become the most active and successful RP FC on Hyperion. Starting in a reclaimed Medium, trying to figure out how to build an airship, arguing over decorations; just a few friends determined to make it work. Now Casino glitz and glamour adorns a meticulously designed mansion, with a fleet of fully geared submersibles running daily missions for a community of active, crazy and above all else wonderful role-players, now numbering in the hundreds.


April 21, the Lucky Sevens brings you the most outlandish Dating Show in Hyperion History!

The time has come, the contestants have been gathered, the applicants are ready--It’s time to get lucky with the Lucky Sevens! We’ve invited the lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen of the realm to take to the stage for a chance to win the hearts of our fabulous casino bunnies babes and handsome poker stud boys and we want you in attendance to watch the show! So come prepared for the wildest, the most uninhibited, the most risqué dating show in Hyperion history as the Lucky Sevens present! **Up All Year to Get Lucky!**




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