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All Saint's Wake, Murder Mystery


Event details

(( The Shirogane Host club is proud to present our Murder Mystery Night for All Saint’s Wake! Come and join us on October 27th for a spooky and fun night together with food and prizes!  Those who do not wish to participate are still welcome to come and be hosted in either our bar or lounge.



1. Everyone will wait outside until the event starts, then once doors are open feel free to Mingle with staff.

2. Those participating in the event will receive a sheet to keep track of their clues.

3. Once the event has started you are given 5 min per room to IC look around and receive your clues via rolling. (roll a /random and based on your roll determines your clue. 1-700 1 clue of your choice, 800-900 2 clues your choice, 900-1000 all the clues in the room.)

4. Once you feel you have enough info you may accuse once, you will inform staff of this then go about mingling around the house. Your accusation will be recorded and timestamped, winners are announced when all 8 rooms have been visited.

5. We will then announced the winners and runners up.

6. Have fun!



Grand Prize) A Whisperfine Woolen Coat + 2 Million Gil!

Second Prize) Quaintrelle’s or Boulevardier’s Top + 1 Million Gil!

Third Prize) Choice of the Ala Mhigan gown, Hannish wool shirt or dress + 500k


Once again we welcome all players to simply come and have a fun night with us and our hosts! ))

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