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[Hyperion] Lucky Sevens Presents! OpenRP Night - Celebration of Life of Graxana Saronis


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Tonight for open RP night Lucky 7s brings you a more somber mood. We reach out tonight in remembrance of Graxana Saronis who lost her life upon the very stage she help build. Please come by and show your respects for the talented woman who helped so many and brought so much sounds of crafting to the halls of our Casino. There will be a chance tonight to stand on stage and to share your own found memories of the individual who not only built so much but saved a life, in turn losing her own. Drinks of course will be on the bar if you need one to ease the pain of the night, come and join us in sending our fond farewells to Graxana in Ward 15, Plot 43 of Hyperion's Mist. 

What is Open RP Night at Lucky Sevens?

Lucky Sevens is open--But not in the way you would expect!

It's Sunday night, 10-Midnight Eastern and it is time to let our hair down, relax and just let our personality shine through. So each and every week we turn off the slot machine, put away the Astrologian cards and bring the fun and excitement of a night to the Lucky Sevens RP Community to a new location. And that's the best part, locations changes each week! It could be a private home of one of our fabulous members, showing off their fabulous designs or it could be an open world location to entice some young adventurer from their quest and to our embrace. Get to know our Lucky Seven's Crew a little more personally and get personally acquainted with others. You may be dancing on a stage or relaxing the fountains, who knows? Watch the weekly announcement in the Lucky Sevens discord and watch our images channel for all our event posters. We hope to see you there--You lucky people! https://discord.gg/RjMAh6m


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