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[Hyperion] Tepe's Treasures Presents: Valentiones Vixons!


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Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again, where love didn’t yet bloom on the battlefield and you have overwhelming devotion to pour upon a certain special someone. What’s that? You don’t know who that special someone is? Don’t worry! We can figure that out together.


Tepe’s Treasures Presents: Valentiones Vixens! This Saturday and Sunday we’re hosting our 5th annual auction events! A perfect opportunity to name your price for the perfect guy or gal’ for whatever your heart desires! Want your house to look perfect to take your next date to? We’ve got a girl for you! Need someone who can do some divine cooking RP? We’ve got a guy who can help with that. How about someone who’s eager to rock your entire world? We've probably got a bard who can play a righteous lute for you!


The best part is… these girls and guys normally go for at least thrice what they usually cost on any other normal day! Because what’s cooler than buying romance? Flashing your cash in front of the rest of the server to remind them you’re too rich to have to suffer loneliness! What’s cooler than leaving with a choice hottie on either arm? Nothing that’s what! (Completely unbiased by the way *cough*, that’s just cool!)


Saturday the 16th at 6-8PM PDT.

Sunday the 17th at 2-4PM PDT. (For all you EU folks out there that starts at 10PM GMT)


We look forward to seeing you! If you’re looking to buy, or to just hang out! We don’t discriminate, old and new RPers are always welcome.


(If you have any questions feel free to direct them to me anytime, Tepe#0795 or message me directly on Role-Players Coalition's PM system!)



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