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A Dive Reborn - Wild Wings Night




   We're baaaaack~! 



After several moons of an extensive relocation of everyone's favorite dodo wing joint,

The Sanguine Shadow is proud to present its newest  location!

We've gone back to our roots over in ol'Thanalan this time,

'embracing the land which saw Eorzea give birth to those beloved

spicy dodo wings that we've all come to know and LOVE!


Come indulge in the joy and tongue-searing HEAT for a chance to be

the FIRST face to win our notorious  Spice Challenge  since our relocation!!

Drop on by to say hello to the good ol'crew and have a taste of our dodo wings

of all heat levels while reminiscing over other fan-favorite classics on the menu!

From Thanalan to the Shroud... and now BACK to the desert,

we strive to bring nothing but the GREATEST of relaxing experiences.


Come join us this-coming

Wednesday evening at the 8th bell (EST)

at our BRAND NEW location!

The Goblet - Ward 12 Plot 30!

See here for more info, or HERE to check out our menu!


 ~ With love, we await your beaming faces! ~


The Sanguine Shadow


||Crystal Datacenter- Balmung Server||



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