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[ZALERA]☆Host/Hostess Auction RP Event☆MIST W1P2☆


Saturday, June 22nd @ 8:00 PM EST



Zalera || Mist || Ward 1, Plot 2



Heckronomicon <<HECK>> brings you yet another Host/Hostess auction! Our hosts and hostesses offer a wide range of services! Need help running content? They got your back! Fancy a date? They can do that too! The possibilities are endless! All bids start at 100,000 gil! So, try and snag yourself a host or hostess for ONE HOUR on June 22nd! Do not fear if you have no intention of bidding on a host or hostess! We'd love for you to come and just hang out as well! We have a raffle for a Mog Station item if you're feeling lucky! One raffle ticket is 10,000 gil and you can buy up to three tickets for a total of 30,000 gil! Once the auction is over, we also have waiters and a bartender on stand by to serve you drinks and food! It'll be a lot of fun, so come and get yourself a lovely date!




Hosts and Hostess will not be sold for solely ERP.

If you win a host/hostess please ask them if they are okay with ERP'ing OOC first. Please do not force it on them. If you make your host/hostess uncomfortable, they are allowed to cut the hour short.


One Host/Hostess per guest. 

You may share a hosts/hostesses with friends, but one individual may not win two hosts/hostesses.


Bids must be in /shout or it will not be counted.

We don't want your winning bid to be ignored! So please use the right chat!


No Minions inside!

This isn't a barn! For screenshot sake, please put them away! 


Invite your Host/Hostess to a party once you've given the treasurer the gil.

Your host/hostess will hang out with you you wait for the auction to come to a close and for the hour to begin! This makes it easier on them!





All bids on hosts and hostesses start at 100,000.


The stage for the auction will be in the basement of the manor!


Raffle tickets are 10,000 PER ticket. You can purchase up to THREE. 


Role play is not required! If you want to win a host just to hang out, that's fine too!


All staff will wear the "Looking to Meld" tag! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to send them a /tell!


The hosts and hostesses will act as if their character were an actual host or hostess, unless you ask otherwise.


You only get one hour with your host or hostess! Once all host are auctioned, the MC will tell you when the hour starts!


You're allowed to role play/hang out ANYWHERE in the manor! You're not limited to the stage area! However, keep in mind that the bar will not be open until after the main event!



If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask below!
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