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Z House Party by House Z


Z House Party!


When: On the eve of the 11th of Fourth Astral Moon, Byregot, (Saturday, 11 July 2020) at 8 bells to 11 & a half bells. (8 pm EST to 11:30 pm EST/ 5pm PST to 8:30pm PST)


Where: House Z's estate's bottom floor. Lavender Beds, Ward 13, Plot 3. (Mateus)

Music, prizes, delectable foods, live performers, our very own Jester, & games/contest will entertain guests that join in.
Be prepared! Our games are meant to be very interactive and progressive! Some footwork and thinking will be involved, so be sure to wear some comfortable footwear and bring that thinking cap!


Tickets will be handed given outside at the door starting at opening time: 8PM EST

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