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Opening Night @ The Raven


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You're invited to join us at the opening night of The Raven, Eorzea's premier after-hours social club, opening its doors this Friday at the stroke of midnight.


The Raven is a destination unlike any other, a refuge for the nocturnal soul, a moonshadowed haven for creatures of the night.

Downstairs, you'll find our subterranean bar, which features ample seating for small parties and large groups. Our menu features expertly-crafted cocktails and decadent desserts, and we invite you to try them all.

Upstairs, private baths beckon weary wanderers to wash away their cares in the company of friends old and new, to share stories and smiles beneath a canopy of stars. 

Whatever be your wish, allow us to grant it as you surrender yourself to Menphina's sweet embrace.


Opening Night @ The Raven

Friday, July 24
Midnight - 6 AM EST (thru Saturday morning)
@ Goblin W14 P58


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