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The Cursed Carbuncle


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Welcome to The Cursed Carbuncle. 

We are a Cabinet of Curiosities & Oddities which sells alchemical reagents, curios, cursed items, intriguing artifacts, luxury objects, occult, rare books, taxidermy & unusual finds.

For our “Soft Opening” we will be having a small selection of appetizers, teas and a handful of Acquisition-Sales! (Please read the rules on our “Acquisitions” page to participate!)

The entirety of the shop is open for perusal & purchase during our Soft Opening! Please come see what we have to offer!

Grand Opening: Dec 6th
Time: 5pm Pacific
Mateus: Mist, w15/p27
Site: https://cursed-carbuncle.carrd.co/#sopen
Join us for Afternoon Tea & Acquisition-Sales!

Social Media
Website: https://cursed-carbuncle.carrd.co/#
Discord: https://discord.gg/K59NKaz
CWLS: The Cursed Carbuncle
Contact: C’sien Zoth & Rheya Tahvi


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